Jenelle Evans Could Be Replaced By Mackenzie McKee On ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Reports ‘Radar Online’

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Teen Mom 3 may have been a short and ill-fated series, but the women from the show are evidently ripe to replace those who have quit or been fired from the Teen Mom franchise, and Mackenzie McKee may be Jenelle Evans’ replacement.

Jenelle Evans’ husband, David Eason, was recently fired from Teen Mom 2 after going on a homophobic rant and transphobic rant on Twitter. The network stated that, effective immediately, he would no longer be part of the series. According to rumors, Jenelle Evans’ future with the series is also up in the air, as several fans have not only written petitions to have her pulled from the show, but have successfully gotten MTV advertisers to drop out of running their ads during Teen Mom programming.

Radar Online states that if Jenelle Evans is ultimately fired from the show, she could be replaced by Mackenzie McKee, the Teen Mom 3 star. Mackenzie was rumored to have been upset that she wasn’t included when Teen Mom 2 asked her cast mate, Briana DeJesus, to join the show. However, Radar Online says that MTV is currently filming a special about Mackenzie and if it does well, might bring her back on the show. Mackenzie already hinted she might be back on TV by posting a photo of one of the Teen Mom producers in her living room.

#bodybymac 3 month program is launching in less than 30 minutes!!!

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Fans have been asking to have Jenelle Evans replaced from the show for a slew of reasons, but most recently after her husband posted a picture of her with an assault rifle on the same day as the Parkland shooting. Although Jenelle acknowledged it as “bad timing,” her husband decided it was more appropriate to chew out everyone who questioned his judgement, which is what started the homophobic rant in the first place.

Thus far, that has been no confirmation that Jenelle Evans won’t return to the show, but it seems the entire show is up in the air. It has been stated that although they are continuing to film the next season of the show, producers are not sure if any of the footage they are creating will be used at all.