Farrah Abraham’s Mother, Debra Danielsen, Responds To Daughter’s Statement About Naked Photos

Bryan SteffyGetty Images

As recently reported on the Inquisitr, Farrah Abraham told TMZ that she had photos of her 9-year-old naked daughter on her phone and her daughter had naked photos of her. Fans and critics were outraged by the statement and worried that something was going on inside of the Abraham house that may warrant an investigation.

Farrah Abraham’s mother, Debra Danielsen, responded to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup‘s request for an interview. In Farrah’s statement, she claimed that her parents also had several naked photos of her that they kept, though Deb denies that this is the truth.

“I have no photos of Farrah naked ever, especially outside in our yard!”

Debra Danielsen went on to say that the neighborhood they lived in when Farrah was little would have made it impossible for public nudity. She stated that they lived across the street from a Catholic church and the only place she and her daughter were ever nude was in the bathroom. This, she says, was for bathing or doing beauty treatments and nothing else.

According to The Ashley, Debra also commented on Farrah Abraham’s confidence that she would win in a lawsuit against Viacom, whom she is suing for wrongful termination. Farrah told TMZ she was confident she would win, as she’s never lost any lawsuit she’s been in. Debra Danielsen, however, says there’s a good reason for that: Farrah has never been in a lawsuit.

Farrah Abraham came under fire after she told TMZ that she thought it was bizarre that people would be worried about her sex tapes, especially since, as she says, she has photos of her naked daughter on her phone and vice-versa. Farrah claimed this was normal and sex-positive and made nudity less of a taboo. However, it doesn’t seem as though the public quite agrees with her.

The reality TV star, though officially off of Teen Mom OG for good, doesn’t seem to mind the backlash. She and daughter Sophia have been busy celebrating her ninth birthday at the Beverley Hills Hotel, and Farrah has continued working with lingerie brands.