Poll: Donald Trump’s Approval Slips To Historic Low 35 Percent

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A new CNN poll shows President Donald Trump’s approval rating has slipped by five points over the last four weeks and now stands at an historical low of just 35 percent.

The dreadful numbers come after Trump’s approvals showed slight signs of improvement during a period where the economy showed signs of life and the stock market appeared on an impressive upswing.

Since then, the administration has been dogged by negative storylines ranging from revelations that several key White House staffers lacked permanent security clearance, the implementation of a new policy to handle interim security clearances, and news that multiple White House staffers had resigned following accusations of domestic abuse.

Perhaps even more alarming for the beleaguered administration, Trump now scores his lowest approvals among Republicans to date, with just 80 percent of self-identified GOP voters now openly expressing support for him.

Among Democrats, support for Trump stands at just 5 percent, and at 35 percent among independents.

The poll did not fully account for the gun debate now sweeping much of the country in the wake of the recent school shooting in Florida that killed 17. In the poll, 54 percent of respondents said they disapprove of Trump’s handling of guns opposed to just a third that approve.

Overall, Trump’s approvals continue to lag behind those of many of his predecessors at comparable times in their administrations.

Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, and Jimmy Carter, the only other presidents to register approvals of below 50 percent at this point in their terms, collectively averaged approvals 13 points higher than Trump.

Meanwhile, a recent national poll found that nearly two in every three voters agreed Trump lacks “moral leadership,” and an even greater percentage of respondents don’t consider him to have a positive influence on children.

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According to a Quinnipiac University poll, 67 percent of voters agree Trump does not have a positive influence on children, even as nine in 10 respondents said they think a president should.

With the exception of Republicans, pollsters found voters across most all demographics— gender, education, age and racial group— agree Trump falls short in the role model department, while on the question of if he provides “moral leadership” 63 percent of the 1,245 respondents said no compared to just 29 percent who said he does.

Overall, Trump’s approval rating stood at just 36 percent with 58 percent of voters expressing disapproval of his job performance, marking the seventh consecutive month his approval numbers fell below 40 percent.