‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell Drops Major Spoiler On Twitter, Plus The Return Of Colton Haynes

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Season 6 of Arrow is in full swing and Stephen Amell just dropped a big hint about what’s to come. The actor shared a photo on Twitter of an old ship model inside the Queen Mansion, teasing fans that there might be a major flashback in a future episode.

According to Comic Book, Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) family mansion was burned to the ground after Season 2. Amell’s behind-the-scenes photo indicates that we will revisit the Queen mansion at some point in Season 6, and unless the mansion is somehow re-built, fans are in for a flashback.

The details of the flashback are unknown, though Amell may have shed light on it while talking about an upcoming episode that focuses on Oliver’s early days.

“Putting the starting touches on episode 618 after putting the finishing touches on episode 617 directed by my good buddy Mark Bunting…” Amell shared in a Facebook clip. “We’re also on 618 getting into a super old-school episode where I don’t know since maybe season 1 or season 2 where I’ve been in the percentage of the episode that I’m in, like 90…I think there are like 55 scenes and I’m in 52 of them.”

The Oliver-centric episode could feature a few shots inside the family mansion, which puts the ship photo into a little bit of context. Further, Amell recently shared a pic of Oliver wearing a throwback suit that his character hasn’t worn since back in Season 4.

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It isn’t clear when Oliver will rock his old outfit, but it probably has something to do with the flashbacks, which feature have always featured prominently on the show.

Apart from the Oliver news, we’ll also get to see the return of Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) this season. Promo images from Episode 15, named “Doppelganger,” feature shots of Roy as he returns to Star City. Although Roy is making an epic return, he isn’t ready to fight just yet.

In fact, the episode synopsis teases that Roy quickly finds himself in a jam and gets captured. Luckily, Oliver and Thea (Willa Holland) are there to lend a helping hand and he doesn’t stay strapped to a chair for long.

Speaking of Thea, it’s been a long time since she’s suited up as Speedy. Thea spent the first half of Season 6 in a coma and has been slow to recover from her injuries. Hopefully, Roy’s predicament will help her get back on track and encourage her to finally pick up her bow and arrow and become Speedy full time once again. After all, who better to get her back in the game than Roy?

If Thea returns to the action, there’s a chance that she could become a full-fledged member of Team Arrow. Given how many team members Oliver has lost over the past two seasons, he could definitely use the extra help.

New episodes of Arrow air Thursday nights on The CW.

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