‘Batman: Arkham Universe’ Domain Registered By Warner Bros.

Although nobody seems to know why, it would appear that Warner Bros. has registered 15 different domains surrounding the title Batman: Arkham Universe. However, it’s unclear if this project is a movie or a video game.

Given the success of the Batman games as of late, it should come as absolutely no surprise that Warner is currently putting together a follow-up to the hit Arkham City. Since the series seems to increase its scope with each subsequent entry, Arkham Universe seems like a natural progression.

According to Shack News, fans wondered if the domains were linked to an upcoming motion picture starring the Caped Crusader. Rumors have been swirling that a Batman movie set inside Arkham could be in the works at the studio.

However, a Twitter user by the name of Superannuation pointed out that a multitude of DC characters are supposed to be in the next installment of the Arkham video game series. As such, it’s currently believed the title refers to a new entry in the interactive franchise.

The so-called “internet sleuth” tweeted:

“Sounds more like video games. Universe name would make sense since other DC characters are supposed to be in the next Arkham title.”

MCV reports that 14 other domains were registered by Warner Bros., many of which have Arkham in the title. The list includes such curious titles as Batman Arkham Legends, Batman Arkham Dark Knight, Batman Arkham Arises, Batman Arkham Night, Batman Arkham Stories, and Batman Arkham Begins.

A complete list of the URLs registered by Warner Bros. rests below.


Since nobody seems to know where Warner Bros. is headed with Arkham Universe, curious parties will have to wait patiently for more news to arrive. Are you excited about the possibility of another Batman video game?