‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Andre Swoops In To Help With Anna’s Search, Finn Has Another Competitor

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers tease it will be a chaotic time in Port Charles next week.

Prior spoilers revealed Andre (Anthony Montgomery) would cast off his prison garb. It seems like it’s goodbye Pentonville and hello Port Charles.

Of course, there’s no one else in town Andre would rather see than his good friend, Anna. Anna has been going through a rough patch. Hiding that her past with Faison involved a child is a full-time job. She also needs to keep this secret from everyone including Jason (Steve Burton) who happens to be on the tail of Faison’s heir. Having Andre right when she needs a helping hand will be a relief for Anna.

As revealed by earlier General Hospital teasers from the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest suggest that Anna wants to look for the child alone Andre will insist on giving her a hand. She was not exactly planning to locate the kid, but right after Kevin shared his findings with Anna, she changed her mind.

Andre is not exactly a stranger to secrets, and when he knows the basic details about what happened, he just can’t sit still.General Hospital spoilers indicate that he wants to find a way to help Anna out whether as a friend or as a partner.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Anna will be on her way to Europe to locate the child, and Andre will insist on going with her. Montgomery reveals that Andre is not there as a boyfriend or anything. However, he will have no hesitations about trying to win over Anna’s affection if Finn doesn’t get his act together. Of course, the duo will also need to be quick about their search for Faison’s son since Jason is also interested in the man. In fact, Jason will enlist Peter’s help although this may not be the best idea.

In other spoilers, the Corinthos family will have a lot of issues on their hands. Carly will be dealing with Nelle’s schemes which seems to be getting on her nerves. In fact, she’s acting just like how Nelle pictured the results to be. However, Jason might come to the rescue and get her out of harm’s way. Meanwhile, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Sonny will deal with his father’s dwindling health and mental capacity among other things.