Samuel Jackson Shreds Trump's 'Arm The Teachers Plan' With Gunfight Shout-Out: Twitter Slams Back

Trump's idea to arm teachers has taken on a life of its own with pictures painted across the media that aren't very pretty. Samuel Jackson of Kill Bill and Star Wars fame joined in on this Trump slamming, and without mentioning any names, he seemed to refer to the President as a "muthafu--ka" while doing so.

Jackson also suggested that Trump has no idea what it is like to be in a gunfight. The actor called upon people who have been in a gunfight to explain what this is like to Trump so he can see the flaws in his "arm the teachers plan." He got his wish with one tweet, but it was probably not what he wanted to hear. One of the tweets, which can be seen below, said, "I've been in many gunfights. If there was a gunman at my kids' school I would pray that someone like me was standing between that gunman and my kids."

Jackson, who is an extremely popular actor, didn't get a great deal of support for his tweet. Trump's idea to arm the teachers is not to arm every teacher in every school across the USA, which is what some pointed out on Twitter. Trump made it very clear in the numerous speeches and interviews he's embarked on recently, that this group of armed teachers would be very carefully chosen and an elaborately vetted group.

According to the Huffington Post, "Trump first touted the idea of arming 20 percent of teaching staff at schools during a 'listening session' with students and parents who have been personally affected by mass shootings."

Trump's idea includes those teachers who are former military members, former law enforcement officers and others who are experts in the use and safety of firearms. The President said in a speech last week how some people coming out of the military after their term of service is finished do become teachers, which is one of the many new career paths they take. There are people who don't like guns and who are not comfortable handling a gun. These would be the last people anyone would want to see have a gun, Trump conveyed.

This plan calls for expertise in gun shooting, handling, and safety. Having people with this expertise inside the schools will turn what is now an easy target for these shooters, into a "hard target" Trump said during his speeches this week. He isn't advocating to give every teacher a gun, only those who are qualified to do so. Jackson's tweet makes it very clear he is against teachers being armed in schools.

Jackson's tweet called out those who have been in a gunfight, and it was answered, but many of them did not have the same outlook as the actor. According to Breitbart News, Jackson has defended the Second Amendment in the past. He once said in a 2012 interview, "I don't mind people having guns, I grew up with guns in Tennessee. I'm not going to be the one without the gun when the people who have guns show up."

Some people who replied to Jackson's tweet called him out on his own actions through the years and how he and Hollywood might contribute to the problem, like the tweet seen below. You can see the numerous responses to Jackson's tweet here on his Twitter page.

Some folks did agree that arming the teachers was not a good idea. However, there were many who thought there's not much choice left in today's world when it comes to protecting kids in school other than defense. Some of the arguments against arming teachers brought up another scenario that could occur if teachers had guns.

The media is reporting teachers don't want to carry guns and are "slamming" Trump's idea, which is what the Huffington Post reported in another article this week, but recent events beg to differ with those reports. Butler County Ohio Sheriff, Richard K. Jones was on Fox & Friends Weekend on Sunday morning, and he said Ohio is offering training in carrying concealed weapons for any teachers, secretaries and maintenance people in their schools that want to do this.

Initially, Jones thought they might get 10 people interested, but they have had over 300 individuals sign up, causing them to stop taking names. Those classes start next week said, Jones, and there will be more to follow if people continue to show interest.