Gina Neely Admits She Wants To Get Married Again, Shares Details

Frederick BreedonGetty Images

Gina Neely joined the show To Rome For Love, and the reality star is sharing that she is ready to get married again. People shared what Gina had to say about being ready for love. Fans know her from Food Network, and her relationship with Pat seemed great until the two shocked everyone by sharing that they would be getting a divorce after 20 years.

It turns out that even though her marriage didn’t work, Gina is sharing that she wants to find love again and even wants to get married. Some people deal with something that hard and then they don’t even want to attempt, but that isn’t Gina. In the last four years since she got a divorce, Gina has been dating. She just didn’t find love.

Gina actually joined the show To Rome for Love, which is all about finding love. Once she did this, she said that she became really focused on finding her man. On this show, Gina and other single women try to find the right man for them. She loved how this show ended up making her do things that she wouldn’t normally and try new things. She admits that when she was told on the show that she was “guarded,” it made her mad, but this is the kind of stuff she needed to hear as well.

One thing that Gina Neely has had to deal with while dating was the fact that everyone knew who she was already and her past. Trying to find love in another country made this a lot easier on her since they didn’t know her past or all about her divorce. Now one thing that Gina Neely isn’t doing is sharing if she found love in Rome or not. She is ready for love and wants to get married, so everyone will just have to wait and see.

Fans will just have to wait and see if Gina Neely can find love again, but at least she is ready to try now. Don’t miss new episodes of To Rome For Love on Sunday nights on Bravo to see if Gina Neely finds love or not while in Rome. If not, she is at least ready for it now.