Recent Roman Reigns Steroid Allegations Could Lead To A Major Shift In The WWE 'WrestleMania 34' Card

Filmmaker and reporter Jon Bravo filmed Richard Rodriguez, the former owner of Iron Addicts Gym, from his jail cell in Brooklyn, New York, and is releasing a series of videos to uncover this once top-secret information. The reason for these videos, outside of revealing some of the names involved to bring validity to Rodriguez's story, is also to help clear his name and help with a plea deal. Along with WWE Superstar Roman Reigns, Rodriguez is also exposing actors Josh Duhamel and Mark Wahlberg.

The most recent video exposed the phone and message records of Duhamel, and Bravo stated that he is currently getting clearance and documentation in order to reveal this information to the public. Regarding a timeline, Bravo stated that it will be revealed early next week. This video is expected to reveal the phone and message records of Reigns, similar to what happened recently with Duhamel.

Reigns has adamantly denied these allegations. As reported by Wrestling Inc., Reigns released a statement.

"I have never heard of Richard Rodriguez or Wellness Fitness Nutrition. I learned from the mistake I made nearly two years ago and paid the penalty for it. Since then, I've passed 11 tests as part of WWE's independent drug testing program."

At the upcoming Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, Reigns will be joining The Miz, Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Elias, and John Cena to wrestle for an opportunity against Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans, Louisiana. While Reigns vs. Lesnar has been the plan since last year, this new information may change the course of the current direction.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, they were told when the reporting first started that WWE was not taking the story seriously and there was no consideration to change any plans. However, if there is documentation that will be supposedly revealed with this next video by Bravo, it could significantly create a shift in plans.

If this documentation does prove that Reigns was a client of this steroid distribution, he would be subject to a 60-day suspension since he already has one recorded violation. This would cause Reigns to miss WrestleMania, and he would not be eligible to return until June, which would put a major dent in his Universal Championship plans.