Trump Not ‘Braggadocious’ In Judge Jeanine Phone Call — Described As ‘Ramble’ On Guns And Parade

Evan VucciAP Images

Trump called into Fox’s primetime show Justice with host Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night and the popular judge trotted out some of Trump’s latest approval ratings from the various polls. She said that Trump’s approval ratings were soaring. She wanted to know how he accounts for these numbers. He said he thinks he has a lot of ideas and he gets a lot of things done. He said he wasn’t being “braggadocious” before naming off some accomplishments on the show.

Hours before Trump promised his call-in to speak with Judge Jeanine, the media was reporting how this will be a popular TV destination for Saturday night viewing. The Orlando Sentinel hoped that Judge Jeanine could get Trump to clarify his stand on gun control.

Judge Jeanine’s ratings have been rising and going strong, which is something Trump congratulated her on and he also gave a shout-out to Jesse Watters and his Watters’ World show, as he is riding high in the ratings as well. He said he finds the Fox News channel as one of a few that are “fair” in their reporting.

Raw Story described tonight’s episode of Justice as “Trump calls Fox’s Judge Jeanine to ramble incessantly about guns, parades and ‘bad guy’ Adam Schiff.”

Trump made a point that many people are backing him today when it comes to school shootings.

“Gun free zones are very dangerous because the bad guys love them,” Trump said during the phone-in interview. He claims a gun free zone is an easy target. He feels that by making schools a hard target, these shooters wouldn’t even think about entering, but if they did, they wouldn’t get very far. Making them a hard target means some teachers having access to guns.

Trump is not advocating for a shoot-em-up, bang-bang-type of a scene, he doesn’t want every teacher to carry a gun. The president had previously explained how there are people in every school in America who are not only comfortable with their guns, but some are experts with their weapons. He cites how ex-military and ex-law enforcement officers have become teachers. These are the people who not only know how to handle a gun, but it’s part of who they are in their previous employment.

He also called for stricter laws and vetting protocols when it comes to gun ownership. Trump also advocates for a vetting process when it comes to people who are suffering from mental illness.

When asked about a parade, Trump was enthusiastic citing the parade he saw while in France. He wants the parade to reflect on the pride of the military and he is aiming for “probably Veteran’s Day.” He pictures a lot of planes doing fly-overs. He said the generals are all enthusiastic about this possibility as well.

“We will see if we can do this at a reasonable cost and if we can’t we won’t do it,” he also added.

Trump expects most of the media to “endorse” him and “cherish” him in the days leading up to the next election. They are going to want him to win because he racks up the ratings. Then, when he wins, they will go back to bashing him, Trump said. He also said he was being a bit sarcastic about this.