Serial Public Masturbator Stabbed With Own Knife After Attempt On Latest Victim

A 42-year-old Brooklyn woman fell asleep during a ride home on a subway train, only to awaken and find a man standing in front of her engaged in a sickening act of sexual self-gratification.

The terrifying incident unfolded on Friday when the unidentified woman took the Bay Bridge subway after a long and tiring worknight, according to the New York Daily News.

The woman reportedly told police that she awoke to find 47-year-old Reggie Frank masturbating over her while she slept.

Frank allegedly then pepper-sprayed the groggy woman in the face when she discovered what he was doing. However, instead of falling victim to her assailant, the woman fought back.

During the altercation, Frank allegedly also took several swipes at the frightened woman with a switchblade knife.

When the train came to a stop, the woman and her alleged attacker ended up on the platform outside of the train, where she managed to wrestle the knife from Frank.

The women then reportedly stabbed Frank two times with his own knife before a bystander intervened to help her, according to a family member.

Police arrived and took Frank into custody, who suffered non-life-threatening wounds to the chest and arm. The woman also reportedly received 15 stitches in her hand resulting from the fight.

Frank, who has an extensive criminal record, was arrested and charged with assault, weapon possession, and public lewdness stemming from his alleged attack on the woman on the subway.

Police records reportedly show that Frank has more than 20 sex-related arrests, dating back to 2006.

In 2006, Frank was reportedly convicted of exposing himself to another woman. The crime was allegedly seen by a witness who fell onto the tracks due to “uncontrollable laughter.” That same year, Frank also allegedly attacked a woman after becoming angered when she rebuffed his sexual advances.

Astonishingly, Frank’s attorney, William O. Fowlkes, said the story is all wrong and it was the alleged victim who attacked Frank.

According to Fowlkes, the woman suddenly became violent after waking to see Frank standing too close to her. Based on Fowlkes’ account, the woman may have assumed that Frank was trying to steal her purse.

“My client was attacked.”

There is no word on whether Frank has plans to take his case to trial.