Anna Duggar Divorce Rumors: Fans Speculate A Split Could Be Coming After ‘InTouch’ Report Says She’s Miserable

Danny Johnston-FileAP Images

Anna Duggar may put on a happy face to the public, but fans are speculating that she could be headed for a divorce after a new report claims that she is miserable and that her husband Josh is refusing to change his ways.

A new report claimed that the reality television star is unhappy with her husband for constantly checking out other women, even after coming home from a very long stint in rehab for his cheating and pornography addiction. This comes after a string of rumors hinting at tension between Anna and Josh, including speculation that she may have strongly considered divorce before being talked out of it by family members.

The latest report comes from InTouch, citing an alleged insider sharing details about the Duggar marriage online. The source claimed that Anna is “miserable” in the marriage with Josh and that he is not a very fun person to be around.

“He just stares at every girl he meets like she is an object for him to do something with,” the alleged insider wrote on Reddit, where moderators of the Duggar page have “verified” that the user has a close connection to the family. “Most of the Duggar boys are very respectful and are good at keeping their eyes up — Josh never has been, and I know he was reprimanded a lot for his wandering eyes as a kid.”

That had led fans to speculate that Anna might be leaning toward divorcing Josh. The insider noted that Anna is constantly asked why she hasn’t left Josh, and fans are raising the same question online and often bringing their concerns directly to the family’s Twitter page.

Fans of the Duggar family are especially vocal on social media, and the calls for Anna to divorce her husband can be found in nearly every discussion, from Facebook fan pages to the Reddit page where the Duggar family insider shares dirt on the family.

Though the rumor may come from an anonymous source, it does seem to back up other reports that Anna Duggar is unhappy in her marriage. In the wake of Josh’s very public cheating scandal, when he was outed as a user of the dating site Ashley Madison that promotes extramarital affairs, the Daily Mail reported that Anna was heaping blame on herself for Josh’s transgressions. The report added that Josh’s mother, Michelle Duggar, also felt Anna had some responsibility for the affair because she failed to follow the family policy to never deny sex to a husband.

All of the rumors surrounding Anna Duggar — from divorces to pregnancies — are based mostly on fan speculation and unnamed sources, as the reality television star remains nearly silent about the state of her marriage and continually posts happy family updates on social media.