Catelynn Lowell Will Attend ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Catelynn Lowell has been dealing with a lot over the past several months. Back in November, she entered treatment for suicidal thoughts. When Lowell announced the news, fans were caught by surprise because it appeared she had been doing well. After her release, Catelynn returned home for a brief period before returning to treatment. She is currently working to complete her program. According to Us Weekly, Catelynn Lowell will be attending the Teen Mom OG reunion.

The Teen Mom OG reunion is scheduled to tape next weekend in New York. There was some concern that Catelynn Lowell wouldn’t be ready to face the questions Dr. Drew Pinsky would ask, but it looks like she is going to attempt to make it through. Lowell and her husband, Tyler Baltierra, have been staples on the MTV network. They are a favorite couple with an incredible story to tell. Even with everything that has transpired, Catelynn wants to fulfill her commitment to the network.

Currently, Teen Mom OG is airing on the MTV network. Monday’s upcoming episode is going to feature Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra revealing they lost their baby. Speculation was swirling about a miscarriage, but there had been no confirmation from either party. Lowell surprised Baltierra on the show with her pregnancy announcement. The couple was looking forward to expanding their family, and Lowell miscarried. All of the details haven’t been made clear, but the new episode will focus on their struggle.

When Catelynn Lowell revealed she was heading to treatment in November, there were reports that cameras were also along for the ride. Nothing has been confirmed about that, but the next episodes of Teen Mom OG should clear that up. Lowell has been working really hard on bettering herself for her family. She has not commented publicly on the miscarriage at all. Twitter has been her outlet of choice, but she has only mentioned seeing her family soon.

Next weekend is going to be tough for the Teen Mom OG star and her husband. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have been together over a decade now. They have beaten the odds, and now, they will have to face life together. Attending the Teen Mom OG reunion is going to be emotional, but viewers are excited to see how Catelynn is doing and get an update on her health.