Kim Kardashian’s Famous Asset Has Competition — Woman’s Backside Is Said To ‘Stop Traffic’

Kim Kardashian’s backside is not the eighth wonder of the world, but it certainly has conjured up a lot of attention through the decades. Today, there’s another bottom creating a buzz that belongs to a woman who is “Africa’s answer to Kim Kardashian” as her 60-inch backside has been known to stop traffic.

You would probably have to see Queen Eudoxie for yourself to believe how this woman’s tiny waist branches out into a 60-inch backside, but her Instagram account has been removed, so the links no longer work. You can still see her pictures, which have made her somewhat of an online celebrity here on Metro UK. It appears her asset has helped her gain 43,000 followers on her Instagram account. Queen Eudoxie, shows off her likeness to Kim Kardashian in a video above.

According to the Metro, the woman’s name is Eudoxie Yao, but she goes by the name Queen Eudoxie. She weighs 15 stone, which converts into 210 pounds, but you can see in her pictures that her proportions don’t appear what you would expect to see in a person no matter how much they may weigh.

According to the Metro, “despite her extreme backside looking like the result of several trips to the plastic surgeon,” she vows she has never gone under the knife for any type of enhancement to her now famous rear end.

Much like her counterpart across the globe, Kim Kardashian, Queen Eudoxie is right at home wearing skin tight clothes that accentuate the asset that seems to grab a lot of attention. While she’s wearing tight-fitting clothes that would probably not fit another woman the way they do her, she has no intention of finding out what size she actually is.

Eudoxie explained in a recent interview how people react to her voluptuous figure when they first lay eyes on her. She said the following.

“When I leave my house, people are often surprised and shocked at seeing me. ‘I stop traffic. People are shocked. But they never say anything to my face”

She also said that people who share the same type of figure won’t show it off. They prefer to hide their shape in clothes that don’t accentuate the curves. She prefers “stretchy clothes” and doesn’t like anything that is too big. Eudoxie said she likes “tight-fitting clothes.”

She believes it is her shape that’s made her famous. Eudoxie said that because she wears tight-fitting clothes, this shocks people and it is her shocking appearance that’s gained her fame today.

You will never guess who Eudoxie’s idol is… Kim Kardashian. According to the Daily Mail, Eudoxie said Kim Kardashian is her idol and at the same time she insists that her bottom is all natural. She also hopes that someday she will get her chance to “break the Internet,” just like Kim Kardashian did. She also shared a little tidbit about her and Kim Kardashian:

“I’ve been compared to her, and what she does. She’s definitely my role model.”

Eudoxie explains how there was once a time when women were trying to be thin because it was “all about looking thin.” Today, it is more about “curves,” said the Kim Kardashian fan. She believes men are more attracted to women with curves today.

When she first started posting her pictures online, Eudoxie was the target of some negative comments. In the beginning, this really hurt her, but now she just ignores them. Her days of letting nasty comments bring her to tears are over. She doesn’t think the people who write the nasty comments are particularly happy folks in their own lives.

Eudoxie said she attracts all types of men, but “many are intimidated by her.” She doesn’t care what men look like it is the men who believe in God and who are genuine and kind that she goes for, fat or thin.

For those who think her tight clothes make her look “too sexy” or even “vulgar,” she has one thing to say to them: “I tell them no. You can be big and wear tight-fitting clothes. And be at ease in your skin.”