Ann Romney Says No To ‘DWTS’

Ann Romney was almost on Dancing With The Stars. The producers of DWTS offered the almost-first-lady a spot on the reality dancing show, but Ann turned them down.

According to TMZ, a few honchos at ABC approached Ann shortly after Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election. Ann was reportedly very interested in the offer and ended up having several meetings with the producers of the show. Unfortunately, Ann ultimately decided that she wouldn’t appear on DWTS.

A rep for Ann told the gossip site:

“Ann Romney was approached, but she declined. She will not be appearing on Dancing with the Stars.”

NY Mag reports that Ann is a big fan of the ABC show. During the campaign, she appeared on Good Morning America and interviewed some of the cast members from the show. Ann also managed to get backstage to last year’s season finale.

Ann said at the time:

“A huge fan! And it was a surprise. We had my granddaughter come with us. And my daughter-in-law, it was her 40th birthday present.”

Unfortunately, Ann Romney prefers to watch her DWTS and won’t be appearing on the actual show.

Would you want to see Ann Romney on Dancing With The Stars?