February 25, 2018
Carrie Underwood Reportedly Scared That Scar From 50 Stitches Isn't Faded 'At All,' Reports 'Hollywood Life'

Carrie Underwood shocked her fans when she revealed that she experienced a terrifying fall, requiring a scary number of stitches. Now, just after Underwood posted an Instagram selfie and a photo of her little boy's birthday cake, an insider close to Carrie is telling Hollywood Life about the country singer's biggest secret fears. The source also revealed that Underwood is feeling self-conscious about how the scar resulting from 40 to 50 stitches has changed her looks.

Carrie Underwood 'Self-Conscious' About Scar: Is Plastic Surgery An Option?

Carrie reportedly has talked with her doctor about how long it will take for the scar to fade. Underwood allegedly is considering plastic surgery for the scar remaining after the nasty fall required her to get 40 to 50 stitches on her face. But it's not easy for her to play the "wait and see" game, according to the insider.
"Carrie has been advised by her doctor to wait and see how the scar heals and fades naturally first of all, before considering any kind of plastic surgery procedures. [But] she feels that the scar isn't fading at all."
Attempting to remain "patient," Underwood can't seem to stop her feelings of frustration about the scary scar, the insider revealed.

Carrie Underwood's husband Mike Fisher reportedly has been supporting her after she had a terrifying accident that left a scar.
Carrie Underwood's husband Mike Fisher reportedly has been supporting her after she had a terrifying accident that left a scar.

Carrie Underwood Reportedly Obsessed With Aftermath Of Scary Fall

The source also claimed that Carrie has become obsessed with looking at her scar in the mirror, and that obsession reportedly has led to her frustration about the scar's alleged failure to vanish.
"When Carrie looks in the mirror, [the scar is] the first thing she sees, and the only thing she can focus on."
But there's one person in Underwood's life who is attempting to help the songstress feel better, according to the insider. Carrie's husband Mike Fisher has been a source of reassurance for Underwood, continually telling his wife that the scar isn't as noticeable as she believes, added the source."Mike keeps reassuring Carrie that it's nowhere near as visible as she thinks it is, and that she's beautiful anyway, regardless of a scar or not, but she's definitely been struggling with self-confidence recently," admitted the insider.

In terms of how long it might take for Underwood's scars to fade, Real Self reported that the timeline for scars to completely fade depends on a variety of factors.

"The time it takes for a scar to fully mature (fade and smooth out) depends on a patient's age, their skin type, post op scar care, how the original incision was closed, etc."
In general, most adults experience what's known as "complete maturation" (the scar fading and smoothing out) in about a year. In contrast, children can take several years while older people may have their scars mature in just months. Caring for the scar by staying out of the sun can help with the process, according to the website's experts.

Carrie Underwood Posts Instagram Selfie And Son's Birthday Cake After Accident

Seeking to set aside her feelings about her scar, Underwood turned to Instagram on February 23 to post her most revealing selfie yet since the accident. The picture shows the songstress and her husband with huge red "X" marks over their mouths. The letters hid any sight of Underwood's injury and showed support to the "End It" Movement, designed to help those who are "trapped, trafficked, exploited and enslaved."But Underwood's life has more than obsessing about a scar in it. Carrie also just posted the cutest birthday cake for her son, sharing her happiness with her Instagram followers.
"Too cute to eat (but we did anyway)! @iveycakestore did it again!!! Isaiah loved his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake!"
Underwood thanked @iveychilders for making her "sweet" son so happy with the cake. She called him her "baby," then admitted that she knows he's not a baby anymore. But like many doting moms, Carrie said that the little boy, regardless of his age, will "always be MY baby."

Carrie Underwood and her husband welcomed Isaiah Michael Fisher into the world on February 27, 2015, and sharing photos of her son's birthday cake has become a tradition for the songstress. Last year, Underwood also shared images of the little boy's birthday cake when he celebrated his second birthday.