Hoda Kotb Reportedly Unhappy With Busy Schedule While NBC Execs Won’t Give Her Break, Reports ‘Radar Online’

Hoda's new gig is reportedly taking a toll on her as she feels like she's missing out on baby Hayley's life.

Hoda's new gig is reportedly taking a toll on her as she feels like she's missing out on baby Hayley's life.

It has seemingly been a road full of ups and downs for new Today Show host Hoda Kotb, who recently took over for Matt Lauer in the wake of his shocking scandal.

NBC News reports that Lauer was fired at the end of November after a detailed complaint came out, accusing the 59-year-old of inappropriate sexual behavior at the Sochi Olympics in 2014. Soon after, NBC appointed Hoda Kotb, who also hosts the 10 a.m. hour of the Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford, to permanently replace Lauer.

But since she took the gig, it appears that Kotb is being asked to do a lot more than she had anticipated. A new report from Radar Online states that Kotb is all out of sorts as NBC continues to pile a large workload on her lap. Not only was Hoda in South Korea for two and a half weeks covering the winter Olympics but while she was away, she was forced to miss her adopted daughter’s first birthday on February 14 and it’s weighing heavily on her.

The 53-year-old was apparently missing her daughter so much that she opted to leave South Korea early to go home and be with her Hayley and boyfriend Joel, missing the closing ceremony of the Olympics.

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Yesterday, the talk show host shared a photo looking out of a plane window as she waited for her flight back to NYC to depart. In the caption, Kotb told fans that it was an “extraordinary” two weeks but she was itching to get back home to her baby girl.

But it turns out that Kotb will only have this weekend to hang out with her family as she is expected to be back at work again on Monday. And she reportedly isn’t happy about it.

“She had wanted to take some time off to make up for the time spent away from Haley, but her bosses said no,” Radar Online reports before claiming that NBC Executives say that news ratings trump family time.

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According to the Inquisitr, Kotb is also struggling with another part of her job — her salary. Both she and co-host Savannah Guthrie have been lobbying to get bigger paychecks, especially since their colleagues seem to be rolling in the big bucks. Before Lauer was fired, he was making $25 million a year and new host Megyn Kelly is raking in $23 million annually. In comparison, Kotb and Guthrie are only earning $7 million a year.

Though her Instagram account makes everything seem like it’s all fine and dandy, these numerous reports make it seem as though Kotb isn’t very happy in her new role.