Lovily Johnson: Mother Allegedly Left Infant Alone In Carseat For Days To Die, Claimed She Was ‘Just Too Busy’

Kentwood Sheriff's Department

Lovily Johnson allegedly left her 6-month-old son alone in a car seat in a hot room for days while she smoked weed with friends and ran errands.

By the time the 23-year-old woman grew concerned that the boy was unresponsive and called a friend for help, officials say the infant was dead and already in an advanced state of decomposition. The gruesome case is gaining national attention this week as Johnson is in court facing murder charges.

As the Miami Herald reported, police and medical examiners have testified about the several days last July that Johnson is accused of leaving her son, Noah, alone in a room that had no air conditioning. Police said it was over 90 degrees when they entered later the woman’s apartment.

Officials testified that Lovily Johnson left Noah alone for most of July 17, only going in to feed the baby a bottle but not taking him out of the car seat or changing his diaper. She was gone all of the next day and night as she smoked weed with friends and ran errands.

“Her words were this, ‘I was just too busy,'” said Detective Robert Meredith (via MLive.com).

When Lovily Johnson returned to her apartment the following day, she once again smoked with friends before finally checking on her son, who at that point was not breathing. Johnson called a friend, Harry Woods, who helped look after the boy. Woods took them to the hospital, the Miami Herald reported.

Court documents showed that the boy had a bloated stomach and blood on his genitals and buttocks from the filthy diaper. The boy’s body had what was described as a strong, foul odor and doctors quickly realized that he had been dead for some time, the report added.

“Noah’s body was in advanced stages of decomposition,” court records stated.

Despite the baby’s obviously dire condition, Lovily Johnson did not seem concerned when she met with the friend to take them to the hospital, the man testified. As MLive.com reported, Woods said Johnson did not seem rushed and failed to tell him at first that the baby was not breathing. She did complain about being a single mother and said she was “stressed to the edge,” Woods testified.

Lovily Johnson faces a charge of murder in the infant boy’s death.