Jennifer Aniston Gets Support From Neighbor, Who Tells ‘TMZ’ About Justin Theroux’s Alleged Bad Boy Behavior

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Jennifer Aniston has someone new on her side, and no, it’s not Brad Pitt. With rumors getting wild about what caused Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston to split, one of Aniston’s former neighbors is stepping up and speaking out to TMZ. The neighbor’s insights are particularly significant because multiple reports have claimed that a key reason for Jennifer Aniston’s and Justin Theroux’s marriage failure was her desire to stay in Los Angeles and his love for New York.

That neighbor, Norman Resnicow, is candid about his dislike for Justin Theroux, accusing Theroux of harassing him and revealing that Jennifer Aniston, in contrast, was kind to him.

When Norman analyzes the situation, he claims that it is Jennifer Aniston who deserves to be pitied. Resnicow informed TMZ that he feels Jennifer ended up in a bad situation when Theroux allegedly tried to force her to live in his New York City apartment. Norman also alleges that Justin has not been kind to Jennifer Aniston.

“Everyone knows Jennifer hated the place. [Justin Theroux] is acting crummy to her like he did to me.”

And there’s another key reason why Norman is on Team Jennifer Aniston. Theroux’s neighbor is cheering on Aniston because Jennifer chose the name Norman for her favorite dog.

Jennifer Aniston is getting support from a neighbor named Norman, who likes her in part because she named her favorite dog Norman.
Jennifer Aniston is getting support from a neighbor named Norman, who likes her in part because she named her favorite dog Norman.Featured image credit: Dan SteinbergAP Images

Jennifer Aniston ‘Hated’ Justin Theroux’s Apartment, So He Dumped Her, Claims Neighbor

According to TMZ, Resnicow believes that Justin Theroux is “the Devil.” Norman also told the website that he has nothing against Jennifer Aniston, feeling so sorry for her that he recommends she hire top lawyers to get protection from Justin Theroux. Jennifer’s former neighbor also claimed that Theroux forced her to reside in a “s**thole apartment she hated from the get-go.”

In addition, Norman revealed that Aniston had always been kind to him. He pities Jennifer because he thinks Justin attempted to “force” Aniston to fall in love with his New York City residence, and then dumped her when she failed to do so.

Resnicow has been battling with Theroux over apartment issues. He believes that Justin is behaving in an atrocious way because the actor allegedly previously asked for Norman’s help in getting an ex-girlfriend to move out of his apartment.

“Hey, I’m the guy [Justin Theroux] asked to help ease moving of his previous girlfriend out of the building.”

The legal war is ongoing. Resnicow alleges that his living room was damaged by water that seeped from the actor’s apartment. That situation reportedly resulted in mold so devastating that Norman is on medication to cope.

Justin Theroux Lawsuit Goes To The Dogs

And then there are the dogs. Resnicow responded to Justin Theroux‘s harassment lawsuit with allegations including the behavior of Justin’s dogs, according to TMZ. Norman claimed that both he and his wife have been adversely affected by Jennifer Aniston’s estranged husband behaving in “rude” ways.

“[Justin Theroux’s alleged] rude behavior at their Greenwich Village co-op for years [includes] endless barking from his rescue dogs left isolated for long periods, dropping heavy weights on the floor at 3 AM and angry outbursts.”

The neighbor said he is particularly frustrated because when he was president of the co-op, he and the actor had a “friendly” relationship and cooperated. Consequently, Norman claims that the harassment allegations are as “fictional as the television series in which he recently starred.” From Resnicow’s point of view, he has always been helpful to Theroux. In contrast, Jennifer Aniston’s estranged husband allegedly has been rude and won’t help him in return by soundproofing his apartment.