Elizabeth Hurley Bikini Pics Come With ‘Disturbing’ Revelation For Some Liz Fans

Elizabeth Hurley is 52 and she can still wear a bikini without a care in the world because she manages to keep so fit. The Royals star has been posting pictures of herself on Instagram donned in various tiny bikinis for quite some time now, and no one seems to doubt that she looks fantastic. But unlike other celebrities who offer a bikini saga on social media, Hurley’s pictures do not appear to be selfies.

There’s no bathroom mirror involved in most of Liz Hurley’s bikini photos like you see in the revealing pictures from Kim Kardashian or the other celebs who use their reflection off the bathroom mirror for their bikini reveals. No, Hurley has someone taking all these photos of her wearing itsy-bitsy bikinis on the beach, poolside, and just about everywhere else.

The person she tasks with taking these bikini-clad pictures is her only child, her 15-year-old son Damian, according to the News.com.au. When Hurley made this revelation recently, people had some mixed emotions about this mother-son hobby.

Her latest Instagram bikini post shows Hurley using the boomerang tool so she can give her fans a look at the front and back of her bathing ensemble with a quick twirl, as seen below.

Twirling in my new bikini @elizabethhurleybeach #OliviaBikini @harrods ????????????

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When the Daily Mail reported that it was Damian who was Hurley’s photographer for her revealing photo shoots, some folks hopped online to say they found this “disturbing.” It is not a “healthy” relationship for a mother and a son, wrote another commenter, in the Daily Mail’s comment section. Many of the comments seemed to express that this is not a family activity for a mother and son, with words such as “creepy” and “tad kinky” used in two of the descriptions.

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Elizabeth Hurley revealed her son as the photographer during an interview with The Sun’s Bizarre column. The Sun was the first to reveal how Liz Hurley’s 15-year-old son doubles as “her personal photographer — and takes her sexy bikinis shots.” The teen is said to be responsible for some of the “raunchy snaps” she posts on her Instagram page, according to News.com.au. Below is a picture of Hurley and her son Damian from her Instagram account.

My sonshine ❤️ @damianhurley1 @elizabethhurleybeach @velaaprivateisland

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By Hurley accumulating 823,000 followers on her Instagram page, this seems to indicate that she has an audience for these bikini pictures she frequently posts. She said she has to take care of her body because of the business she is in. She also said that “I use as much cream as possible on it,” according to News.com.au.

It is not known how Hurley took the backlash about her son taking these pictures or if she is even aware of the comments from her fans. Below are a few more of Hurley’s bikini pics and videos that she posted on her Instagram account.

My new Isla Bikini in Hot Pink @elizabethhurleybeach ????

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New bikini @elizabethhurleybeach @ooresorts ????????

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