New York Yankees Trade Rumors: Madison Bumgarner An Option, According To Sports Writer Joe Giglio

Patrick SmithGetty Images

New York Yankees trade rumors now include the name Madison Bumgarner. Could the San Francisco Giants trade Bumgarner if the 2018 MLB season isn’t an improvement over last year? Sports writer Joe Giglio feels that could become a possibility. In a report for, Giglio floats the idea of the Yankees swooping in to acquire Bumgarner mid-season.

On the surface, there are plenty of reasons that these purported New York Yankees trade rumors might never come to fruition. The Giants are trying to contend, Bumgarner has expressed no interest in leaving San Francisco, and the team has not officially made him available in trade discussions. Those are all good reasons for Giants fans to feel that the Yankees could never land Bumgarner. But all of them are contingent on the team contending in the National League West.

As for the reasons the Yankees would be interested, Bumgarner has a team-friendly contract, he can lead a pitching staff, and he has a track record of postseason success. All of those are reasons that Yankees fans should salivate at the thought of landing one of the best pitchers in baseball. Especially as the team tries to contend in an ever-improving American League East while still keeping a keen eye on payroll numbers.

When the San Francisco Giants acquired Evan Longoria in a trade with the Tampa Bay Rays and Andrew McCutchen in a trade with the Pittsburgh Pirates, a statement was made that they are trying to win the NL West again. The veterans could certainly help improve a team that has been lacking success recently. If the Giants can keep pace with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Colorado Rockies, and Arizona Diamondbacks, then any MLB trade rumors about dealing veterans will go quiet. The alternative is a true rebuilding phase for the franchise.

Over 234 games pitched for the Giants during his nine-year career, Madison Bumgarner has a 104-76 record, a 3.01 ERA, and a 1.097 WHIP. He had six consecutive seasons of pitching more than 200 innings before getting injured during the 2017 MLB season. As for his team-friendly contract, Bumgarner earns $12 million in 2018 and has a team option for $12 million in 2019. After that, he could enter free agency at age 30 and command a hefty contract.