‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers For Week Of Feb. 26: Titan-DiMera Enterprises Merge, Steve Goes Blind For Good?

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Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that the repercussions of John’s actions will continue to haunt him. There will also be major changes in the family businesses in Salem. Relationships will also take a hit.

Steve’s Struggles Continue

For the past few weeks, Steve has been struggling because John (Drake Hogestyn) was trying to poison him. John had no choice but to heed the ISA’s orders, but now things have come to light. Billie also jogged back to Salem and gave John the antidote for the poison he has been feeding Steve.

Things have calmed down since then, but Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Steve’s health issues are far from over.

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Steve’s vision will continue to be impaired even if John already gave him the antidote. Steve will reassure John that he understands why he had to do what he did. Kayla may be treating him with a cold shoulder, but she will eventually accept him back as a friend.

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that the test results will show that the poison caused irreversible damage to Steve’s cornea. This means that he might be blind for the rest of his life. This news will be a massive blow for Steve, but John will feel equally responsible. Spoilers reveal that John will break down in Marlena’s arms and try to seek comfort. He can’t help but feel guilty about Steve’s condition. After all, he played a huge role in his friend’s current state.

Vivian Talks Business

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, Feb. 26, reveal that Vivian will waste no time in communicating her thoughts to Victor. It seems like she will broach the subject of merging DiMera Enterprises and Titan. On Wednesday, she will bump into Abigail’s alter ego, Gabby. As revealed by prior spoilers, she will coax Stefan to turn the woman in to the police. After all, she just saw how she tried to impersonate Gabi. However, Stefan will stop his mother from her machinations, telling her that Abigail/Gabby’s statement can be used against them too.

Other Days Of Our Lives Spoilers

Spoilers tease that JJ will think its unusual for Valerie to have a lukewarm response to his proposal to Lani. Valerie knows Lani is carrying Eli’s child, not JJ’s child, which is why she is against the marriage. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Valerie will confront Lani by Friday.