Robin Roberts: ‘I’m Coming Home’ To GMA ‘Sometime In February’ [Video]

Robin Roberts made a huge announcement on Monday’s Good Morning America: She’ll be returning to the show in February, not in May as was previously expected.

The 52-year-old appeared via video and updated her fellow anchors and viewers on her health and pending return to the anchor chair. She discussed her test results and her doctors’ “game plan” for her to return to the show.

“I’m so happy to be sharing this news with everybody — I met with my doctors last week,” Roberts said. “My blood count continues to improve. My beloved sister, Sally-Ann, my donor. Her cells continue to make themselves at home in my body. The big news is that my last bone marrow aspiration — by the way, ouch, I’ve lost count how many I’ve had — but the last bone marrow test showed no abnormalities!”

The other anchors clapped and cheered as she said she was beginning the process of “coming home,” but, like an “athlete coming off injured reserve,” she couldn’t go right back to work without practice. She said she’ll be doing a dry run to see how her body reacts to the stress of being back on set, and that she woke up at 4 am Monday to “get back on GMA time.”

Roberts went on medical leave from GMA in August to undergo a bone marrow transplant to help her battle myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), a bone and blood marrow disorder. She had previously been out for three weeks for pretreatment. In December, it was reported that the earliest she would be returning to work was May, but, now, if all goes well with her dry runs over the next couple of weeks, she’ll be back in a couple of weeks instead of months.

You can watch the full video of Roberts’ announcement below.

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