Blake Shelton Reveals The Unusual Gift He Bought Gwen Stefani’s Kids For Christmas

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Blake Shelton is opening up about the pretty surprising gifts he bought for girlfriend Gwen Stefani’s three sons for Christmas in order to get them out on his ranch in Oklahoma. The country star revealed that he actually treated Gwen’s kids, 11-year-old Kingston, 9-year-old Zuma, and 3-year-old Apollo, to their own ATVs in a new interview after admitting that they were reluctant to help him on his ranch because they were always wanting to ride his.

“I bought those ATVs as her boys started coming out more often to the ranch,” Blake told CMT host Cody Alan of what he got Stefani’s boys for Christmas last year, per iHeartRadio. “I’ve got just a John Deere gator literally to use as a tool for work. They’re more fascinated by that thing.”

He then joked that the boys aren’t afraid to hop on their ATV when they join him in the Sooner state, as Gwen splits her time between California and Oklahoma.

“So, it’s like, ‘OK, I can’t get anything done when the kids are here because they want to drive this thing around,'” Shelton told Alan, shortly after he joked about his and Stefani’s sex life while on stage in Oklahoma. “So, I got them their own little [ones].”

“I thought they were going to be slower than they are,” The Voice coach continued of how unafraid the kids are to get on the outdoor vehicles when they’re out in the country. “They go faster than what I got.”

Gwen previously shared videos of her sons taking rides on ATVs in Oklahoma, months before Shelton treated the boys to their own as a Christmas gift, on her Snapchat account back in March 2016.

The clips showed Stefani taking her boys for a ride while down south with her boyfriend as the donned camo gear while riding into the woods with her son on the back of the vehicle.

Gwen also shared footage last month on the app of Blake attempting to teach her 11-year-old son Kingston how to drive after his pickup truck got stuck in a puddle of frozen mud as they all spent some quality time together out in the country.

“I was teaching Kingston how to drive and he just took off driving like a maniac into the frozen pond,” Blake said in the video Gwen posted to Snapchat of his girlfriend’s oldest son with former husband Gavin Rossdale as the two got out the car after the wheels spun.

“This ain’t the first one we’ve blown through,” he added.

Stefani has also been pretty open about how Shelton has taken on the role of a dad since going public with their romance in 2015. She revealed that her boys love spending time with the “Honey Bee” singer in his home state and love getting stuck at his ranch, which she described as being the “perfect place” for her family to spend time together.

Blake Shelton got Gwen Stefani's kids ATVs for Christmas
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“We cook and get muddy and dirty. There are ATVs,” Stefani said of her family time in Oklahoma with her kids and Blake in a 2017 interview with Marie Claire. “Being a mother of three boys, it’s kind of the perfect place.”

But despite rumors that there could soon be another youngster running around the ranch, Blake recently shut down the speculation that he and his girlfriend could be expecting a baby of their own.

Shelton poked fun at the seemingly never-ending pregnancy speculation while introducing Gwen to the stage earlier this month by jokingly telling the crowd at a show that they were “lucky” to have her there because she had just given birth to twins the day before.

Blake Shelton is set to appear on The Voice Season 14 alongside Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, and Alicia Keys, which will premiere with a two-hour opening episode on NBC on February 26.