‘Gold Rush’: Todd Hoffman Tries To Appease FairPlay Residents, While Parker Schnabel Creates Show History

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Todd Hoffman has announced that he, Jack and Hunter are leaving Gold Rush. Now fans may be curious to find out if the last episodes perhaps reveal why the Hoffmans chose to leave this show.

Meanwhile, Parker Schnabel achieves something that no one has ever done on the show. Before he and the team tip down a few brews, he has words with Tony Beets. The surprising news is not all of their conversations had to be beeped out!

The Hoffman crew are looking at the end of the season. It is getting dark and cold, and winter is around the corner. They need to get moving if they want to get paid. But, the team is facing more weather elements that are making them shut down operations. The Fairplay residents are up in arms over the loud sound, and they should be. The Hoffman team is near the 80-decibel limit!

According to Monsters and Critics, Todd Hoffman has to first deal with his mercurial son Hunter, who isn’t too keen on shutting down the equipment, so they reduce the sound. He is just focused on getting the gold.

“Why are you shutting off the plant? I’m hitting gold right now!”

Todd tries to explain to Hunter that they need to appease the neighbors. Surely Hunter remembers when one neighbor went as far as shooting a gun at the entire crew?

“Because we’ve had enough troubles with the neighbors. We got to get this thing quieter. I’m just trying to make sure that it’s not too loud for the neighbors, that’s all. I don’t want any more complaints.”

Then they reluctantly stop production and then take the time to wrap the trummel with blankets made of foam. Although it doesn’t seem like a lot, they did end up reducing the decibel limit to 45.8.

At clean up time, Rusty Red’s total is 70.5 ounces, while Holy Roller weighs in at 32.9.

Parker Schabel achieved the biggest goal in Gold Rush history: he not only met his 5,000-ounce goal, but he surpassed it!

Although Rick missed this week’s goal by 102 ounces, Big red wound up with 242.1 ounces and Sluicifer with 244.7 ounces. This means that Parker wound up with 5,381 total ounces.

Meanwhile, Indian River was mined out, and Rick ran out of thawed pay.

Sluicifer is nearly at 3,000 ounces, and once Parker passes that mark, he needs to pay Tony more royalties–from 20 percent to 25 percent. Parker doesn’t want to give up more of his hard-earned cash to the Beets crew.

Parker makes the major decision to go to Ken’s site to clear the ground for gold mining–and Ken is ready!

Now, Parker has new problems. The excavator is out of fuel, but Tony Beets, who has been busy flying overheard in his plane, dug out the road, so the fuel tank can’t get to the site.

An angry Parker Schnabel confronts Tony Beets, yet the Viking claims he was not behind this. Parker then adds that he is done mining on Tony’s land. He is shutting it down! Tony then changes the total to 6,000 ounces of gold, waiving the higher royalty. Obviously, Tony wants the astounding Schnabel crew to continue making him some good money.

But will Schnabel ever mine Ken’s site this season?

Tony Beets has a new arrival at the second dredge: a 50-ton crane. This was not a cheap move. This cost Tony $35,000, because it was shipped on someone else’s barge.

The process is pretty incredible. Tony has to remove the 12-ton spud immediately after removing the gantry.

There was no gold count for the Beets crew this week unless you count Parker’s 20 percent royalty.