'Seven Seconds' Season 2: Renewal Could Be Possible With Creator Veena Sud Revealing Possible Plot

Netflix just released a gripping politically-minded crime drama, Seven Seconds, which tells the story of the lives of people in a New Jersey town affected by one accident involving a white police officer and a black teenage boy. Released on Feb. 23, the new show has so far received mostly positive reviews from critics, according to Rotten Tomatoes. But will it be good enough to receive a green light for a Season 2 renewal?

Season 2 of Seven Seconds has not been officially ordered yet and the future of the series is still bleak. However, if the show does get renewed, creator Veena Sud already has a plot in mind. In an interview with CNN, Sud, who also developed AMC series The Killing, reveals what Season 2 will possibly offer.

Seven Seconds is designed as an anthology series, just like Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story, in which every season will feature a new story and possibly new major characters. Netflix may still have to officially pick up the show for another season, but Sud anticipates that it will revolve around a different political issue with the same New Jersey setting. Sud has not explained why she favors New Jersey as the location for Seven Seconds.

Veena Sud reveals Seven Seconds will be set in Jersey City again if Season 2 is greenlighted.

It's too early to tell about a renewal for Seven Seconds but Carter Matt believes that an announcement for Season 2 should be given within a few months. It also remains to be seen if Regina King, who was praised for her compelling performance as the teenage victim's mother, will be back for the second season.

Netflix's Seven Seconds focuses on the hit-and-run crime committed by an off-duty Jersey City cop, who covered up his crime. The first season chronicles the impact of this specific incident on the lives involved and the resolution for the case is achieved by the final episodes.

In her interview, Veena Sud reveals what motivated her to go for this type of story. She decided to make the show after a series of young black men getting killed by cops made the headlines. One specific case that compelled the creator to come up with Seven Seconds is Freddie Gray, who died in April, 2015, after a serious neck injury while in the hands of police officers. The deaths of these young men inspired the Black Lives Matter movement, which also served as an inspiration for Sud's Netflix series.