Kelly Ripa Shows Off Fit Body In Series Of Photos Wishing Her Personal Trainer A Happy Birthday

Kelly Ripa showed off her fit body in a series of photos while wishing her personal trainer a happy birthday. The 47-year-old shared the snaps on Instagram on Friday that showed her in the middle of intense workout sessions with celebrity health and fitness trainer, Anna Kaiser.

Ripa's toned physique was on display in several of the images. She and her trainer are great friends in addition to being committed workout companions.

"Happy Birthday @theannakaiser through thick and thin and strong and stronger you are a constant inspiration to all who know and love you," Kelly Ripa captioned the 10 photos.

The photos show Kelly and Anna over the years hitting the gym for serious cardio, strength training, and sculpting exercises.

The Live! co-host is a fitness enthusiast who lives a healthy lifestyle and is no stranger to rigorous exercise. It's hard to imagine that at one point in her life, working out wasn't on her list of things to do. It's evident that she's dedicated to maintaining one of the most enviable bodies in show business.

Click through the gallery here that Ripa shared to get a peek at the behind-the-scenes work she does to keep her great shape. Some of the images show her with shorter hair, which threw a few of her fans at first. Someone asked if she cut her hair, but the other images featured her with the length she has now.

When she was in the Bahamas a few weeks ago, she shared several images of herself doing yoga with friends. Photos of the killer moves Kelly put on display can be seen in this article by the Inquisitr. The girl knows how to perform some crazy balancing acts! Anyone who can be in a push-up position and have one or two people on top of her back is a feat in itself.

Anna Kaiser trains other well-known celebrities, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Shakira, and Emmy Rossum, according to Elle. Pop Workouts adds that Sofia Vergara is also one of Kaiser's star clients.

Kaiser is a cardio-dance expert who's the founder of AKT in Motion. Kelly Ripa loves Kaiser's fitness programs that are a mix of dance, cardio, strength training, toning, and flexibility. According to the article, Ripa works out between one and two hours a day, five days a week.