Huge Update On Jeff Hardy WWE Return From Injury


Jeff Hardy has been out of action in the WWE since he tore his rotator cuff back in September of 2017. It had only been six months since Jeff made his WWE return with brother, Matt Hardy, and he has been at home recovering from his injury. However, there is some huge news concerning a Jeff Hardy return. PWInsider reported that Hardy made a trip to Birmingham, Alabama, for an evaluation on the status of his injured shoulder and to get an update on when he can start to work on his big WWE return. Currently, Matt Hardy is working his “Woken Matt” gimmick, and Jeff is expected to be part of that upon his return.

Jeff Hardy WWE Injury

The Jeff Hardy injury took place in a match in October 2017 when he was wrestling in a “six-pack” challenge. According to the WWE, the injury took place on the September 17 edition of Monday Night Raw when Jeff and Matt Hardy took on Jason Jordan, Elias Samson, Bo Dallas, and Curtis Axel. The winner got a shot at The Miz and his Intercontinental title.

The injury happened when Jeff Hardy hit his Poetry in Motion move against Elias Samson and happened to fall wrong on his shoulder. Jeff finished the match that Jason Jordan ended up winning. Hardy then underwent surgery on October 3 when he learned it was a torn rotator cuff and a labrum tear.

At the time, Jeff Hardy mentioned that he could return without wrestling, maybe working with Matt Hardy. However, he never returned and has been out for five months now.

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Jeff Hardy WWE Return

At the time of his injury, Jeff Hardy told that he was considering things he could do in the ring that was not quite so extreme so he could try to extend his career without risking further injuries. However, he has to get back to the WWE first.

The initial timetable for the Jeff Hardy WWE return from injury was four to six months. He has been out for five months, and it has been just over four since he underwent surgery. That could explain the timing of his visit to Birmingham to check in. There is a good chance that Hardy will make his WWE return this spring, but the chances of getting back before WrestleMania 34 are slim.

Until then, the WWE is actively working on a brand-new DVD for Matt and Jeff Hardy. That will also hit stores this spring.