‘The Flash’s’ Candice Patton Is Getting Super Powers — And Her Fans Are Freaking Out On Twitter

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Anyone who’s been keeping up with the spoiler side of The Flash fandom has known for a while that Iris West will finally suit up in an upcoming episode. Set photos of Candice Patton in a black and white super suit leaked a few weeks ago, enthusing fans who’ve been wanting to see the on-screen version of Iris suit up like she does in the comics.

On Thursday, the conditions under which Iris will gain super speed were revealed, alongside an official photo (below) of her in the suit. After weeks of guessing, fans now know that Iris West will get temporary speed in the episode aptly titled, “Run, Iris, Run,” reports TV Line. The synopsis for the episode states that a metahuman who can transfer DNA will give Barry Allen’s speed to Iris. This swap will render Barry powerless, which means that Iris will end up having to save the day.

This scenario isn’t quite how Iris West acquired speed in the comics. Being granted Barry’s powers is not how many of the fans imagined Iris would gain her super speed either, but the news still has them excited. If you scroll through any of the Flash-related hashtags on Twitter, you’ll come across armies of people who are celebrating having one of their wishes for Iris crossed off of their lists. The tweets were so plentiful that #TheFlash trended for a time on Thursday, something that usually only happens on days when new episodes air.

One criticism that fans have continually directed at The Flash‘s writers is that they’ve kept Iris away from the action over the years. As a barista-turned-journalist, Iris was often relegated to being Barry’s support system or a voice of reason for the rest of the team. Season 4 has had Iris more at the forefront as she’s settled into her new role as the team’s leader. However, her supporters have always advocated for her to have even more agency. Now that she’s getting it, they’re a little beside themselves.

Here are just a few tweets that showcase their excitement.

The fans’ excitement doesn’t even begin to compare to Candice Patton’s. The Saturn-Award-winning actress has been actively promoting the Iris-centered episode across her social media accounts.

“Run, Iris, Run” airs March 13 on @thecw ⚡️????????‍♀️

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“Run, Iris, Run” airs March 13 on the CW at 8/7c. In the meantime, The Flash will return from a three-week hiatus on Tuesday, February 27, 2018.