June 19, 2013
Welcome To The Inquisitr

Welcome to the Inquisitr, a site I haven't quite come up with a tag line for, but I've got Tech, Pop and Penguins on the short list.

The idea for The Inquisitr honestly comes from a combination of things I like to read. Having covered, or worked in the blogging/ Web 2.0 space since 2002-03, tech is a given for me. Pop culture may seem a little strange, but I became hooked during my time working with b5media. I still read Perez Hilton daily (yes, I know that sounds strange) and I like a good dose of pop culture with a little bit of snark, opinion and good looking celeb pictures thrown in for good measure. The odd/ funny side (we're calling it odd, but funny works) brings in my love of sites such as Fark, The Onion and Something Awful.

The aim isn't to simply copy other sites: we will obviously write about and link to great content elsewhere, but we'll also be generating original content as well.

I say we because I'm not alone at the Inquisitr. Meieli Sawyer Detoni has taken up the post of pop writer and I hope to announce an additional tech writer in the next day or two. As the site progresses (and hopefully breaks even) I may bring on some more people as well; they say one man blogs are an endangered species, that's not entirely true but it's a whole lot easier when you've got a great team writing for a the one site.

The site itself is still a slight work in progress, only minutes ago I managed to break the bottom of the template, and I'm still not 100% on the front page magazine layout (so it may well change in the coming days).

I'm aware that people wont necessarily be interested in all the content streams here, hence each category has it's own page and feed, details to the right of the screen.

Thanks for dropping by, I've only just left TechCrunch so I haven't had the chance to ramp up content just yet, so certainly feel free to drop back in a day or two when the site is fully up and pumping.