February 23, 2018
Roman Reigns Reportedly One Of Many WWE Stars In Steroid Probe, According To Filmmaker Jon Bravo

Roman Reigns is involved in some serious steroid allegations, and things look like it might get worse for the WWE and other major sports in general before all is said-and-done. As previously reported, filmmaker Jon Bravo said that he has conclusive evidence that Roman Reigns purchased steroids from convicted dealer Richard Rodriguez and that he is about to release evidence that proves the WWE superstar is lying when claiming he doesn't know Rodriguez and never bought the performance-enhancing drugs. However, in a new interview with Wrestling Inc., Bravo explains that there as many as 15 former and present WWE superstars other than Roman have used Rodriguez to purchase steroids.

The Alleged Proof Against The WWE Stars

According to Jon Bravo, who has conducted numerous interviews with Richard Rodriguez about his former clients, he had gathered a lot of evidence against a lot of people, including Roman Reigns. Bravo claims he has detailed proof that the individuals in question did, in fact, order the steroids from Rodriguez.

When asked why he specifically targeted Roman Reigns when there are at least 14 other names he could have called out, Bravo said that it was because Reigns spoke out and publically denied he had anything to do with the allegations. It is also the same reason that Bravo has targeted Mark Wahlberg and Josh Duhamel.

As a result of their denials from Roman Reigns and the pair of Hollywood superstars, Bravo has initially targeted those three men when it comes to eventually releasing the evidence against them. He said he did due diligence and made sure all the evidence is conclusive and legitimate before releasing it. He said that his documentary is only part of it, and he wants to release all the information to the public about everyone involved.

Roman Reigns Reportedly One Of Many WWE Stars In Steroid Probe According To Filmmaker

This Case Is More Than Just About Roman Reigns And The WWE

According to Bravo, this is not just about Roman Reigns and the WWE. The filmmaker also said that this is not just to call out the WWE and specific wrestlers and actors, but instead, it is a way to use big names involved to send a message to the public about how widespread this epidemic is.

Bravo also said that he has specific records of Roman Reigns' phone calls to Richard Rodriguez, proving that he lied about not knowing the convicted steroid dealer. He also has text messages and will release everything "early next week."

Jon Bravo also said that it isn't just Roman Reigns and the WWE, but he also has evidence implicating stars in the UFC, NBA, and NFL as well. He said this is a "really big case," and once he delivers evidence on the big names, he won't have to worry about providing too much more on individuals or WWE superstars after that to make his point.