Kristina Schulman Makes It Clear She's Not Bothered By Dean Unglert And Lesley Murphy Romance

Is Kristina Schulman upset about Dean Unglert's relationship with Lesley Murphy? Apparently not. Just recently, Kristina, whose heart was broken by Dean on Bachelor in Paradise, made it clear that she has moved on from Dean and isn't bothered about his new romance with Lesley, which Bachelor franchise viewers saw develop on the premiere season of the spin-off The Bachelor Winter Games. On social media, Kristina maintained that not only does she no longer have any romantic feelings for Dean but also that her life is now better off without him.

Two days ago, Kristina posted a sexy photo of herself in a bathing suit while on a beach in Los Angeles. One fan left a comment that seemingly complimented Kristina on looking fabulous and happy despite the fact that her ex has found a new woman on national TV. Kristina quickly replied to the fan's comment that when your ex finds a new woman on national TV, you bounce back and look and feel better than ever.

"Yeah, me too," Kristina added, making it clear that she is doing great, both physically and emotionally, and isn't hung up on Dean.

"mlmoog: @kgarginxox when ex bae find a new woman on national tv"

"kristinaschulman: @mlmoog you bounce back & look and feel better than ever? Yeah, me too."

On Bachelor in Paradise Season 4, Kristina Schulman quickly developed a connection with Dean Unglert. Their relationship continued off-camera when production was shut down for a while due to the Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson sex scandal. The two not only maintained contact but actually visited one another. After filming resumed, their relationship developed even further. The two were so happy together that it seemed they were going to leave Paradise together as a couple, perhaps even engaged.

Yet, when Danielle Lombard arrived on the scene, Dean's feelings for Kristina wavered. Much to Kristina's displeasure, Dean openly flirted with Danielle and made it clear that he was open to her affections. Despite Kristina repeatedly telling him to choose between her and Danielle, Dean wouldn't or couldn't. Even when Danielle herself told Dean to choose, he didn't do so, instead letting himself be pursued by both women. Ultimately, Dean's relationships with both Kristina and Danielle ended due to his indecision.

On The Bachelor Winter Games, Dean quickly began a relationship with Lesley Murphy. At one point, Lesley brought up Dean's drama with Kristina and Danielle on Bachelor in Paradise. Lesley confessed that she initially thought that he was a "player" and had hesitations about being with him. Lesley pointed out that he could have chosen between Kristina and Danielle but didn't. Dean defended himself by saying he didn't mean to hurt Kristina and Danielle and that he genuinely couldn't decide between them.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, when Kristina was asked for her reaction to Dean's romance with Lesley on the new spin-off show, she said that she wasn't watching the show.

On the reunion show that aired on Thursday night, Dean took his relationship with Lesley even further by getting down on one knee. While he didn't propose, he did present her with a key to his apartment, telling her his home was now her home.

While Kristina Schulman didn't watch Dean Unglert and Lesley Murphy get intimate, Danielle Lombard did. On Thursday night, Danielle posted a tweet that pointed out that the remaining contestants didn't even have individual rooms to forego in favor of spending the night with their chosen person.