Lala Kent Discusses Her Ring And Her Being A ‘Nightmare’ With Randall Emmett

Rich FuryGetty Images

Lala Kent has been loyal to her boyfriend, Randall Emmett since they started dating. Even though many of her Vanderpump Rules co-stars have had plenty of things to say about the relationship, Lala always defended her man and stood by him when James Kennedy revealed he had issued non-disclosure agreements for the cast members when they went to Coachella. Despite rumors that she was dating a married man, Kent kept to herself and continued her relationship. Now, she’s speaking out about a ring that surfaced on her finger. While it is from her boyfriend, it’s not an engagement ring. Many of her fans asked her about possibly being engaged, and now she’s coming clean about her relationship.

According to a new Bravo report, Lala Kent stopped by Watch What Happens Live and revealed that the ring doesn’t mean that they are engaged. Emmett got divorced when they started dating, so he may not be in a rush to get married again. However, Kent is ready to take her time with him, as she feels she has found the one for him. During her interview, Lala revealed that he’s great for her because he puts up with her. Apparently, she feels that she can be a handful at times.–/?taken-by=lalakent

“Yes, he’s the person who puts up with me because I am a nightmare. Anyone who is still standing after the war, it’s like ‘OK, they’re a keeper.’ He puts me in check while also embracing my craziness — and honestly, he’s pretty crazy too,” Lala Kent has revealed, according to Bravo. “So I don’t think anybody would put up with him in the way that I do. We level each other out. It’s just a match made in heaven, I guess… That’s so cheesy. Ew! I just went here and I’m a cynical person. He turned me into a softie.”

It’s interesting that Lala Kent is calling herself a softie after having dated Randall for a few years now. On Vanderpump Rules, she’s coming across as the voice of reason this season. When she learned that Brittany Cartwright may have been cheated on by Jax Taylor, she was eager to play the recording that surfaced on James’ phone. She wanted to defend Brittany, as she was tired of men taking advantage of women. In addition, she spoke out against James when she felt that he had disrespected her and her relationship with Emmett. She has revealed that she’s no longer friends with James Kennedy, as he kept attacking Lala’s relationship. She has hinted that it is because he wants to be with her and he may possibly still be in love with her.

Lala Kent continues to keep her relationship to herself, but it seems to work wonders for her happiness.