Despite Reports, Tom Cruise Has Not Reunited With Daughter Suri, Still Absent From Little One’s Life

The marriage and divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has made headlines for years now, despite the romance coming abruptly to an end over five years ago. The strange involvement that Tom’s devout faith in Scientology played in the demise of his and Katie’s relationship is still viewed as bizarre and heartbreaking by fans of the former couple, as the Daily Mail made note of in the past years.

One adorable result of the fairy tale romance between Cruise and Holmes, is the former couple’s daughter, Suri Cruise. The 11-year-old is often spotted by her mother’s side on various outings, and the world has watched as the youngster has grown up without the presence of her action star father in her life.

Rumors over the past year have suggested, however, that Tom Cruise has been present recently in the life of his daughter and reunited with Suri after the death of his mother last year inspired him to connect. In Touch had spurred on the fabrication that has recently been debunked by Gossip Cop,

The tabloid insisted that the words of a supposed source were fact. The gossip policing site reminded readers of the false words shared by the publication and the unreliable source.

“A so-called ‘source’ maintained that following the funeral, the actor decided to ‘re-evaluate what’s most important in his life.’ It was then specifically alleged he wanted to ‘re-establish his relationship’ with Suri and start seeing her ‘on a regular basis.’”

The tabloid went on to claim that Tom planned to use “handlers and attorneys” to reach out to Katie Holmes so that he could request to see Suri in the weeks that followed. The insider claimed that Tom was prepared to “ramp up his relationship with [Suri] in a big way.” However, time has passed- a full year to be precise- and Tom is still estranged from his daughter, Suri.

At the time the rumor surfaced, GC heard from a reliable Cruise source that the story was false, and the fact that there is yet to be any reunion between Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise, demonstrates that the informed insider is correct.

In addition to rumors surfacing about a reunion between Cruise and his daughter, insiders also insisted that Tom is set to remarry and that when he does, he wants to get Suri back. This too has been stamped out as false, and there doesn’t appear to be any bride-to-be in the picture for Tom Cruise at the moment.