Trump Ignored Questions About The Types Of Guns Teachers Should Carry, Said Armed Scot Peterson Did ‘Poor Job’

President Donald Trump has gotten a lot of attention on Friday, February 23, the day of Trump’s CPAC speech. As reported by the Inquisitr, Trump’s CPAC speech was expected to cover Nancy Pelosi speaking about “mowing grass” as an option to prevent undocumented immigrants from crossing the border from Mexico into the U.S., as well as sanctions against North Korea and not Russia. Soon after Trump hit the stage and began his speech, however, he joked about his bald spot and how hard he tries to hide it, admitting that he likes to go off-script against his “boring” speech.

According to John Bennett of Roll Call, Trump stopped to talk to the press for approximately five minutes when he left the White House, before his CPAC speech. During that question-and-answer session outside of the White House, talk turned to Trump’s recent controversial proposal that teachers who carry guns in schools to help prevent mass school shootings might get a “bit of a bonus,” as reported by the New York Times.

However, Bennett reported that President Trump would not elaborate on the types of guns that teachers might carry – be they handguns or assault rifles.

“The president then turned, ignoring your poolers shouted question about what kind of guns he wants teachers to have, and headed toward Marine One.”

President Trump also addressed the controversy over armed school officer Scot Peterson, as reported by the Inquisitr, who caught flak from Scott Israel for allegedly being seen on video standing outside of the school in Parkland, Florida, as the massacre occurred, without going back inside to engage Nikolas Cruz in gunfire. Trump called Peterson someone who did a “poor job” who either froze under pressure or was a “coward.”

“When it came time to get in there and do something, he didn’t have the courage or something happened. But he certainly did a poor job. There’s no question about that. He was there for five minutes, for five minutes. That was during the entire shooting. He heard it right from the beginning. So he certainly did a poor job. But that’s a case where somebody was outside, they’re trained, they didn’t act properly or under pressure or they were a coward. It was a real shock to the police department.”

Trump said that mentally ill people shouldn’t be allowed to possess guns and that schools should be protected from “crazy people” who want “to come in and shoot.”

Trump went on to call NRA members people who want to do the right thing, folks he knows very well. Trump also addressed giving people strong background checks before allowing them to have guns. Trump went on to speak about the “mentally deranged” Cruz and all of the “38 red flags, 39 red flags,” that arose before Nikolas committed the mass shooting.