Leah Messer’s Ex-Husband Jeremy Calvert’s PR Manager Told Him What To Do During David Eason’s Twitter Rant

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images For CMT

Leah Messer’s ex-husband Jeremy Calvert has been keeping a low profile over the past couple of months, as he doesn’t really film Teen Mom 2 that often. He will pop up a few times throughout the year, such as when he surprises Adalynn or Leah calls him on the phone to discuss issues relating to their daughter. Jeremy has social media accounts, and he uses them to speak his mind at times. After all of the drama that has played out in the Teen Mom 2 world over the past couple of weeks, Jeremy is now revealing that he got some help in speaking out about the entire thing.

According to a new tweet, Jeremy Calvert is now revealing that his PR manager told him to keep doing him and to not change a thing about himself. He wrote this to a follower who slammed David Eason’s decision to speak out the way that he has and Jenelle Evans’ efforts to clear his name. After he unleashed his homophobic comments on Twitter, Jenelle quickly came to his defense, revealing that he didn’t know how Twitter worked and didn’t realize how quickly people would attack him for his views. Her efforts didn’t work, and he was fired from MTV within days.

Leah Messer hasn’t said much either about the case, but one can imagine that Leah and Jeremy Calvert are simply keeping a low profile while distancing themselves from his views. It’s possible that these two have the same PR manager. It sounds like Jenelle Evans may have been David’s PR manager, as she was the one who came to his defense, trying to clear his name after he went on his Twitter rant. Even though people reported David to Twitter for homophobic comments, it sounds like David and Jenelle deactivated their Twitter accounts before they could be deleted by the company. No word on whether they have returned to Twitter with new accounts.

Jeremy Calvert is currently working out of state, so it’s possible he won’t appear on Teen Mom 2 this upcoming season. Fans can look forward to catching up with Leah Messer, who will start dating again.