Jenelle Evans And Husband Focusing On Kids After Vince Russo Talks To Kailyn Lowry

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Jenelle Evans did an interview last week where she slammed her Teen Mom 2 co-stars Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer. She decided to do an interview with Vince Russo and opened up about the behind-the-scenes drama going on with her and the other girls. It sounds like Jenelle felt comfortable doing the interview, as Vince Russo was telling her everything she wanted to hear, including how Leah Messer was horrible at public speaking and how Kailyn Lowry kept spitting out kids. Evans agreed to everything he was saying, even though she also has three children by three different men, something Vince Russo kept bringing up as bad.

Yesterday, Vince sat down with Kailyn Lowry to speak to her about the interview. He visited her podcast, Coffee Convos, and it sounds like the two made peace with one another. One can imagine Jenelle is angry with him for switching sides so quickly, but she isn’t saying anything on her Instagram account. Her husband isn’t lashing out either. The two have deleted their Twitter accounts, so only Facebook and Instagram remain. According to their Instagram accounts, Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason, are focusing on their children, and it sounds like they are celebrating Ensley’s milestones rather than get involved with the current drama surrounding Teen Mom 2.

My sweet babe learning how to eat with a fork like a big girl!

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Kailyn Lowry’s interview with Vince Russo won’t air for another few weeks, as she just recorded it yesterday. The episode needs to be edited, and it will usually take a few weeks to be produced. Fans can look forward to an aggressive Lowry, who will call him out on everything he said in his interview with Jenelle. One can imagine that Evans won’t be happy to hear how he supported her one minute and then supported Kailyn Lowry the week after. Lowry’s fans are currently questioning Vince’s motives, as he could be trying to get more ratings by interviewing these women, something Kailyn has already brought up on Twitter.

Jenelle Evans is currently keeping a low profile as her husband has been fired from Teen Mom 2. No word on what her position will be, as she could be fired as well. She may be forced to choose between her husband and her reality television career.