Kate Middleton The Duchess of Cambridge Shakes Things Up With Henna Tattoo

Kate Middleton has brought much excitement to the world with her pregnancy as her and Prince William's child is nearly seven months along. Never dull in her flamboyance, the Duchess of Cambridge has gotten a henna tattoo according to International Business Times. She got the tattoo while attending the opening of the Fire Station, a building in Sunderland that has been converted to a promising art center.

Long praised as a dresser of exquisite taste, the Duchess of Cambridge was finely dressed for the occasion. While visiting this corner of the North East of England, she wore a fabulous, yet attainable $259, Seraphine's Phaedra maternity dress that stunned in its artistic elegance and design.

Shajida Begum, a local artist, was given the extraordinary honor of administering the henna tattoo on the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton was most pleased with the artful brown flower tattoo and one must agree it looks tasteful and eloquent in its design.

According to People, the brown henna used for the pregnant Duchess's tattoo is safe for those who are pregnant. Black henna, however, would have had harmful chemicals. It was a happy day for the Duchess and she no doubt brought happiness to all in her presence throughout the exciting event.

The Duchess of Cambridge was accompanied by Prince William and made the opening of the Fire Station, Sunderland's new art hotspot, all the more exciting and a smashing success. As reported by E! Online, they also made a symbolic appearance at the Northern Spire Bridge that is under construction and due to open this Spring.

In making the Royal appearance, Kate Middleton and Prince William donned hard hats together in a light and refreshing Royal display.

The Northern Spire Bridge and the Fire Station carry excitement as Britain moves boldly forward into the future. The Fire Station's role as a place for artists will help enrich the lives of the people who live there. The Royal visit cemented this and served to remind us all of the inspiration that the Royal Family can instill in the people. The Duchess and the Prince spoke to local kids immersed in the Fire Station's art programs. The Fire Station will bring music, dance, and entertainment to the people of Sunderland. Kate Middleton brought a great deal of excitement over the henna tattoo, which while beautiful, is temporary.

Kate Middleton's Henna Tattoo.
Kate Middleton's Henna Tattoo.

Among the incredible excitement over Meghan Markle's coming marriage to Prince Harry, Kate Middleton remains a solid and inspiring figure. Along with her husband Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge stands as an embodiment of grace and Royal eloquence. Her presence and interaction at public events such as the opening of the Fire Station is an essential form of connection that strengthens the bond between the Royal Family and the people.