‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Claire Ruins A Wedding, Stefan Frames A New Suspect To Protect His Interests

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Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Claire will blurt out a big secret involving Rafe (Galen Gering). As revealed in prior spoilers, Claire will confide to Marlena (Deidre Hall) about what she knows. She wants to ask for guidance on how to proceed. However, at the back of her mind, she knows Hope (Kristian Alfonso) needs to know the truth about her soon-to-be husband.

As revealed by Olivia Rose Keegan, who plays Claire, her character also wants to punish Ciara by revealing this bit of the truth. However, she will think things through before deciding on anything. As Claire tries to figure out the best course of action, Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Ciara will stumble on the recording of her and Tripp’s conversation.

Of course, the audio clip reveals Rafe slept with Sami. Knowing Claire is holding on to an incriminating clip, an argument between the two will blow up. It just so happens that Claire got upset right before the wedding, which means she will be in a surly mood when everyone gathers for the happy occasion of Rafe and Hope’s nuptials.

Claire will prove once again just how much she loves being in the spotlight during Race and Hope’s wedding. Days of Our Lives spoilers from the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest suggest that she will spill the beans right there and then, and Hope will be stunned by Claire’s sudden revelation.

The Abigail-Gabby Question

Meanwhile, Stefan will figure out what’s wrong with Abigail. Tyler Christopher, who plays the role of Stefan, revealed key Days of Our Lives spoilers for the upcoming week. According to the actor, Stefan will face off with Chad and share a kiss with Abigail’s alter ego, Gabby.

The new addition to the Days of Our Lives cast revealed that in Stefan’s mind, he wants to have, at least, that part of Abigail. Of course, the sudden changes in Abigail’s personality will make him realize that the lady in question has a multiple personality disorder.

To make matters worse, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Gabby will run into Vivian. This is certainly the last thing Stefan needs if he wants to keep things quiet. In the end, he will come to a decision; he needs to plant Gabi’s coat and the urn on someone else. This way, he can evade being a suspect in the crime. It’s also a way to help Abigail out of a difficult situation. Christopher explains Stefan’s reason for saving Abigail. According to him, he wouldn’t realize at first that he’s saving her. For him, it’s more like having Abigail owe him a debt of gratitude.

Following their surprising discovery, Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Vivian will take up the matter with Stefan. She will insist that what they need to do is turn Abigail over to the police since she framed Gabi. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Stefan will have none of that. He will tell his mother that Abigail/Gabby knew they were in Andre’s office the night he died. So, turning her in will not work in their favor, and they will still be suspected of the murder.

As Christopher revealed in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Stefan is after his own interests.

“His goal is not be charged with Andre’s murder and deflect suspicion. He will go to any length to do that. He will do whatever it takes to secure his position within the company and this family.”

Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that there will be more twists and turns, especially involving Stefan, Abigail, and the further investigation of Andre’s murder.