Ivanka Trump Raises A Few Eyebrows Over Photo She Posts Wishing Her Mom A Happy Birthday

Stephen Trupp STAR MAX, Inc.AP Images

Ivanka Trump posted a birthday message to her mother on Wednesday that’s raising a few eyebrows. The first daughter posted a sweet message wishing Ivana Trump a happy birthday, but the image she shared is being taken out of context from a segment of followers.

Ivanka was a little girl in the photo and was bowing down to her mother in a graceful pose. Mom and daughter were dressed in formal white dresses when the image was snapped. The then-Mrs. Trump is holding her daughter’s hand and it appears that Ivanka was twirling before bowing to her mother. Unfortunately, the camera angle was enough for those wanting to make a little something out of nothing.

“This picture looks wrong when you first glance!” one commented.

“Why she posing like that?” a user questioned.

“‘Kay, that’s a really awkward pose,” another observed.

“Catching a whiff?” joked one more.

“Looks like you smelling her private,” a bold person remarked.

“This will be memed forever,” someone added.

Overall, people thought it was a beautiful photo that Ivanka posted as a tribute to her mother.

Ivana Trump turned 69 on Wednesday. President Donald Trump’s first ex-wife fired up headlines late last while promoting her book, Raising Trump. She went on morning news programs claiming she’s the “real first lady,” not Melania Trump. Her words drew fire from Trump’s current wife when her spokeswoman accused Ivana of being “attention-seeking and self-serving.” The two women feuded in the media for a short time, which gave Ivana’s book more publicity.

The feud between Ivana and Melania has simmered down since then.

The mother of Donald Trump’s three grown children has expressed that she believes Ivanka Trump will be America’s first female president. As Washington Examiner reported, the Trump matriarch thinks Ivanka will run for office in the future.

Michael Wolfe wrote in his book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, that Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, made an agreement. The pair who serve as senior advisers to the president allegedly decided that if the opportunity arose, Ivanka would run for president.

Ivanka is currently in South Korea preparing for 2018 Winter Olympics closing ceremonies. She arrived in the nation on Friday as part of the U.S. delegation to meet with the country’s leaders. It’s unknown if she’ll meet with any high-level members of North Korea’s delegation that will be in the country.

ABC News reports that Ivanka Trump will be the guest of honor at a dinner with South Korean President Moon Jae-in. The banquet will include a” kosher menu, for Ivanka’s strict kosher lifestyle,” according to the report. Raw fish, crustaceans, and meat won’t be on the menu.