No Pants Subway Ride 2013 [Gallery]

It’s January, and that can only mean one thing: It’s time for the No Pants Subway Ride!

Improv Everywhere organizes its annual No Pants Subway Ride (which is exactly what it sounds like) every January in New York. This year, for the 12th annual event, more than 4,000 riders took off their pants and hopped on the subway.

There were also nearly naked subway rides in several other cities. According to Improv Everywhere, this year’s event took place in 60 cities and in over 25 countries.

Improv Everywhere writes:

“The No Pants Subway Ride is annual event staged by Improv Everywhere every January in New York City. The mission started as a small prank with seven guys and has grown into an international celebration of silliness, with dozens of cities around the world participating each year.”

Improv Everywhere frequently holds public acts of silliness. In addition to the No Pants Subway Ride, the group holds its annual Black Tie Beach event, a synchronized swimming event (in a public fountain) and a “Black Friday” shopping frenzy at a dollar store.

The group continues:

” The idea behind No Pants is simple: Random passengers board a subway car at separate stops in the middle of winter without pants. The participants do not behave as if they know each other, and they all wear winter coats, hats, scarves, and gloves. The only unusual thing is their lack of pants.”

The video for No Pants Subway Ride 2013 isn’t available yet, but here’s a look at last year’s ride.

And since everyone who loves riding the subway without any pants is also undoubtedly a history buff, here’s a video of the first event.

Improv Everywhere is still putting the video together for 2013, but they’ve already posted several photos from this year’s event.

Here are some photos from the 2013 No Pants Subway Ride. (Caution: Many people in these photos are not wearing pants.)