Father Slashes Son’s Throat, Almost Decapitating 2-Year-Old — Boy’s Body Found In Trash Bag, Police Report

Rolando Ortiz, 37, was charged with murder on Thursday in the death of his 2-year-old son. The toddler was found with his throat slashed, which was graphically described as “near decapitation” by authorities.

Oritz was looking after his son, Mateo Garcia Aguayo, at the time and his frustration built as the boy was running around, which was “keeping him awake,” reports Fox News. The father then held the child down and used a kitchen knife to cut his throat.

The father then attempted to slit his own wrists when he had realized what he had done, reports Area Central Detectives Cmdr. Brendan Deenihan, during a news conference. Ortiz then placed the body of his son in a trash bag.

He tried to call his wife at work, but he didn’t get a hold of her. His next call was to his sister-in-law and it was during this call that he confessed to what he had done. The sister-in-law then called family members who lived a floor below Ortiz in their Little Village neighborhood. The family members were asked to check on the child and Ortiz in their second-floor apartment, which is located on South Avers Avenue in the 2700 block.

The family members walked in and discovered Mateo’s lifeless body in the garbage bag and they could see that Ortiz was bleeding. When they picked up the phone to call 911, Ortiz fled the apartment. He was found about four hours later after four different law enforcement agencies joined in on a manhunt that ended in Kankakee, Illinois, where they apprehended Ortiz.

Ortiz confessed to the horrendous and brutal crime when he was taken back to Chicago by police. Mateo, who was one of six siblings, was the only child home with Ortiz that day. Mateo was pronounced dead at the scene, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said at the press conference that Rolando Ortiz faces the murder charge in the “brutal and horrific slaying” of Mateo Garcia Aguayo. Deenihand said that Ortiz, who had no prior arrests, fled the scene in his car.

An autopsy on the boy was done on Thursday with the medical examiner stating the child “died of an incised wound of the neck.” Mateo’s death was ruled a homicide.

Deenihan also told the press that this gruesome death left an emotional impact on the law enforcement officers who were at the scene. Deedniham told reporters: “These guys aren’t robots. They’re police officers and they have families, of course, it affects them.”