Colton Haab Gets Trump’s Twitter Support As Shooting Survivor’s Tucker Carlson Interview Goes Viral [Video]

Colton Haab recently gained attention for appearing in a viral video interview, as reported by the Inquisitr, wherein he claimed that he decided not to go to a CNN town hall because it “was all scripted.” Now the 17-year-old Colton is going viral once more, reports the Daily Mail. As seen in the above Fox News interview with Tucker Carlson, the student out of Parkland, Florida, details more of his experiences with CNN.

Colton said that he was contacted by Carrie Stevenson, Executive Producer of CNN State of the Union, and asked to cut his speech down to questions only, which Haab says was then whittled down to one sole question. Haab claimed that his question was rewritten, edited or reworded, but Colton didn’t give specifics on how the question was changed. Haab did mention that he wanted to ask a question on arming teachers in schools with guns, but he wasn’t allegedly allowed to ask the question in the format that he had written it.

Haab asked Tucker if he could read his question on Fox News, but Carlson interrupted Colton. It’s not clear if Haab was able to ever ask his question in the interview with Tucker, outside of the video interview portion published to YouTube above. What is clear is that President Donald Trump is weighing in on the matter, with Trump publishing the below tweet about Haab on Thursday, February 22.

Trump wrote that Haab’s claims that he quit the CNN town hall “after refusing scripted question” is another reason to call CNN “Fake News,” with claims that the network’s “ratings are so bad!” Trump also wrote that “MSNBC may be worse.”

Meanwhile, the most recent tweet published by Carrie is getting plenty of commentary after Haab called out the CNN producer by name on Fox News. Some folks are asking her via Twitter why she hates America and claiming she should be fired.

Others online are replying instead to Trump’s tweet about the melee and pointing to the tweet from CNN Communications that claims Colton’s question was not scripted. The question at the heart of the controversy over whether or not teachers should be armed with guns in classrooms in order to help protect themselves and their students from would-be killers has caused the phrase “Let the Teachers Teach” to go viral on Twitter.