Steve Jobs' Pre-Apple Job Application Form Is Selling For $50,000 At Auction

The Boston-based auction house, RR Auction, is planning to sell a one-off memorabilia that Apple enthusiast will likely want to be part of their collection. As part of its pop culture-themed sale next month, the auction house will be selling a job application form that was filled out by the late Steve Jobs more than four decades ago. This was just a few years before the iconic businessman and innovator founded the Apple Inc. company with his friend Steve Wozniak. Jobs died of cancer at his Palo Alto, California home in October 2011.

While the application form did not specify what position Jobs was applying for, it does contain a lot of interesting facts about the famous inventor. According to a report from The Guardian, Jobs mentioned on his CV that he was interested to work in the technology and design field. He also listed under Special Abilities his previous experience with Hewlett-Packard, which he spelled as "Hewitt-Packard," as a tech and design engineer. As his official address, Jobs placed "reed College" on the form, which is the Oregon college he was enrolled at before he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. Jobs also mentioned in his CV that he had a driver's license but he currently does not have access to his own transportation. Ironically, the former Apple CEO and iPhone inventor revealed that he did not have a landline during that time.

The entire application form is also riddled with spelling errors and punctuation errors, which may have actually added to its value. According to RR Auction, the one-page application form has an estimated value of $50,000. It isn't clear just yet if Apple fans will fork out that kind of cash for a piece of paper, but it wouldn't be surprising if the application form would eventually sell for much more. As reported by the Just Collecting website, several pieces of Steve Jobs memorabilia have been sold for ridiculous amounts of money. Three of Jobs' Apple business cards sold for more than $10,000 in 2015. His Seiko watch sold for $42,500 in 2016 and a mint Apple-1 computer was sold for a whopping $905,000 at Bonhams in New York in 2014. Just recently, Jobs' 2000 BMW Z8 convertible was sold for $329,500 last year.