Liam Hemsworth’s Friends Are Not Annoyed By Miley Cyrus Watching Them Surf, According To ‘Gossip Cop’

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When it comes to Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus, there are plenty of rumors that circulate about the couple, especially in terms of their actual relationship. Whether people are discussing them being married, breaking up, or frustrations between the two, there are plenty of rumors that make the news. One of the latest rumors to circulate around Hemsworth and Cyrus, is the idea that the actor’s friends are actually getting annoyed by the singer’s constant presence when the guys go surfing together.

While Miley Cyrus has certainly accompanied Liam Hemsworth when he has gone surfing with his friends, there have also been times when he has gone without his fiancee. According to a new report from Gossip Cop, it seems that a recent story about Hemsworth’s friends being unhappy that Cyrus is tagging along all the time is actually false. Apparently, a tabloid recently reported that there was some trouble in paradise, and friends wanted to have the chance to get “bro time” with Liam Hemsworth when they go surfing. However, these friends were said to be annoyed at having Miley Cyrus always join Hemsworth when they go surfing because whenever she hangs out with them there is all kinds of attention that she receives, which can, in turn, ruin their good time.

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However, while the tabloid may have reported this news based on a source said to be close to the couple, according to Gossip Cop, this is not actually true. Instead, after speaking to someone who is actually “close to the situation” they have determined that not only does Miley Cyrus not always join Liam Hemsworth when he goes out surfing, but when she does join him and his friends, she is welcomed by the group because they do not mind that she is there. Although Cyrus was definitely with Hemsworth when he went surfing at the beginning of February, as reported by the Daily Mail, when the singer apparently spent the day enjoying the sun while her fiance caught waves, back in December when Just Jared posted pictures of the actor spending the day surfing, Cyrus was nowhere in sight.

With any number of pictures hitting social media, and the news, showing Liam Hemsworth surfing without Miley Cyrus at his side, the fact that this rumor has been debunked makes sense. Unfortunately for Cyrus and Hemsworth, it seems that there are plenty of “sources” willing to leak false information to the tabloids. Just in the last few months rumors have circulated about fights between the couple over where they should live, Miley Cyrus being pregnant, and even unsubstantiated claims that they had already gotten married. Each of these claims has been proven false, with Chris Hemsworth even weighing in at one point to set the record straight.

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