Kylie Jenner ‘Obsessed’ With Getting Her Figure Back, Has Less Time For Baby Stormi, Reports ‘Hollywood Life’

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Kylie Jenner appears to be spending less time with her baby daughter, Stormi, as a new report claims that she is allegedly “obsessed” with getting rid of the excess weight from her pregnancy.

According to a new report from Radar Online, the 20-year-old Lip Kit mogul currently has her hands full with her goal to get her sexy body back to the point of spending significantly less time with her three-week-old daughter with rapper Travis Scott.

Citing an unnamed source reportedly close to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians cast, the outlet said Kylie is “more than ready” to return to her figure prior to her secretive pregnancy.

“Kylie is so focused and obsessed with getting her body back in shape,” the informant said.

“She feels hideous and also feels like she let all of her fans down.”

Those who have been monitoring news about the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters would know that she had remained under the radar during the course of her pregnancy. At the time, she wasn’t keeping up with anyone, but things have changed since she gave birth, the insider added.

“She wants to go back to the days when she took endless sexy selfies while making millions in makeup sales,” the source added.


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Based on a report from Life & Style magazine, Stormi’s 20-year-old mom has already dropped more than half of the weight she gained while she was pregnant and was “eating for two.” According to the report, she lost 35 out of the 60 pounds she gained during gestation in just three weeks.

With the help of a team of trainers, Kylie Jenner was on a no-carb diet, only eating “organic fish and chicken” and avoiding anything fried. Also, she reportedly has been drinking detox tea to get rid of the accumulated fat in her body from carrying Stormi in her womb.

She is also reportedly undergoing intense workout to burn out anything that the detox tea cannot get rid of, making it difficult to juggle her time for her baby daughter as she is also busy with matters regarding her makeup business because, based on Radar’s insider information, Kylie Cosmetics is second in her priorities list.

This made her motherhood quite stressful as a Life & Style insider revealed how she “cannot cope with the stress” of raising a child and is already seeking help.

“In the past, Kylie’s looked after Kim and Kourtney’s kids but could always hand them back when she got bored or had plans,” the source said.

“Having her own baby has been a complete shock to the system — it’s a lot of hard work.”

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Among her top complaints includes typical motherhood tasks, like changing Stormi’s diapers which she reportedly has already gotten used to by now, as well as the seemingly endless sleepless nights caused by the baby’s incessant crying.

“She’s fine with it now but still struggles with the sleepless nights and the baby crying and not always being able to figure out what Stormi needs.”

Still, these remain as speculations until Kylie Jenner actually opens up about motherhood so it is best to take it with a grain of salt as a previous rumor reported by the Inquisitr claimed that the 20-year-old mother cannot seem to leave Stormi’s side even for a romantic getaway with her baby daddy, Travis Scott.