Katheryn Winnick Teases 'Vikings' Season 6 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets, Bjorn Might Leave Kattegat Again

There is little doubt that Katheryn Winnick is enjoying her new job as director on Vikings Season 6. The actress who portrays Lagertha has enthusiastically shared updates about her special episode on social media. Interestingly, one of Winnick's most recent posts may have revealed the future of Bjorn Ironside in the History series.

Fans have also been concerned about Katheryn Winnick's character on the show. Although a majority of viewers are hoping that the Queen of Kattegat will survive beyond the Vikings Season 5 mid-season premiere, there is a huge possibility that Lagertha will finally be killed by a son of Ragnar Lothbrok. In addition to that, some are pointing to Winnick's Instagram posts as proof that her character will not be a part of Vikings Season 6.

It's no secret that Katheryn Winnick is directing an episode in the History show's next season. The actress has proudly updated her Instagram account with photos from the set. However, it appears that Winnick will only be the director and has yet to be seen in costume. The star of The Dark Tower continues to look casual as she helms a special Vikings Season 6 episode. Winnick shared a video depicting how the cast and crew create the blizzards that the Norsemen have to deal with as they make their long journeys.

But could this mean that the Queen of Kattegat will be facing the terrifying winds herself? Some fans have speculated that the episode will feature yet another journey for Ragnar Lothbrok's eldest son. Katheryn Winnick also posted a sweet photo with Alexander Ludwig, who portrays Lagertha's only son Bjorn Ironside. There is a possibility that Bjorn will once again leave Kattegat to continue discovering new territories in Vikings Season 6.The future is still unclear, especially since the second part of Vikings Season 5 has yet to air. People are also worried about Lagertha, who is in deep trouble now that Ivar the Boneless has gained the upper hand. The Queen of Kattegat may need to face more trouble later this year, but fans are hoping she will survive and return in Vikings Season 6.

History has not yet confirmed the Vikings Season 5 mid-season premiere air date. However, the show is expected to resume in November 2018.