Tommy Lee Jones Shows Off His Grumpy Face At Golden Globes [Photo]

Although lots of people thought Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig were pretty funny at the Golden Globes last night, apparently Tommy Lee Jones wasn’t one of the people laughing at their jokes.

Ferrell and Wiig showed up to present the award for best actress in a drama. Instead of simply reading through the nominees and their respective films, the pair decided to discuss the women based solely on the name of the movie in which they appeared.

According to Cinema Blend, most of the people in the audience thought the bit was kind of funny. Unfortunately, Hope Springs and Lincoln co-star Tommy Lee Jones wasn’t amused with the duo’s shenanigans. In fact, he appeared downright angry about the bit.

It hasn’t taken very long for Tommy Lee Jones to be compared to Grumpy Cat, a feline who seems to share the actor’s disgust with the things going on around him. The Today Show went as far as to post a meme on their official Twitter account that shows the two unhappy individuals side by side.

Although many have pointed the finger of blame for Jones’ grumpiness at both Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig, the actor just seemed bored with the whole affair. Macleans posted a screen capture from Ben Affleck’s Argo acceptance speech, an image which finds The Fugitive star looking particularly unimpressed with the ceremony.

Tommy Lee Jones isn’t the only individual getting some Golden Globes-related attention this morning. Actress Jodie Foster’s Lifetime Achievement acceptance speech has also captured the attention of the internet. Not only did a few people find it confusing, others seemed quite unhappy with the length of her dialogue.

“That was longer than a Tarantino movie,” one individual declared on Twitter.

You can check out the amusing GIF of Tommy Lee Jones below.

Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? What do you think about Tommy Lee Jones’ grumpy face?