‘Top Chef: Colorado’ Recap: Episode 12 — Sunday Supper

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The chefs on Top Chef: Colorado were using their family members as inspiration for tonight’s challenge. Things got emotional for one chef, but the pressure was on for these four chefs. So, who got eliminated on Top Chef: Colorado tonight? Find out the Episode 12 results from tonight below in our Top Chef spoilers.

Last week on Top Chef Season 15, things kicked off with finding out that Joseph Flamm won Last Chance Kitchen and returned to the competition. They took part in a Quickfire Challenge, as they had to create a gastropub-inspired dish featuring sarsaparilla. Carrie won and got $10,000. For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs had to create a high-concept dish at the highest restaurant in North America. They had to include a baked element in their dish, which caused issues creating with the high altitude. In the end, it was Chris and Carrie with the least favorite dishes and the judges sent Chris home.

Quickfire Challenge

The chefs met Padma Lakshmi at a ranch, as she was with Bryan and Michael Voltaggio. For this challenge, they had 30 minutes to create a dish using Rocky Mountain oysters in two different ways.


After tasting the dishes, the judges made their final decision. The least favorite dishes for tonight came from Joseph and Carrie. That meant the top dishes came from Joe and Adrienne, but the winning chef was Joe. For winning, he got an advantage in the next Elimination Challenge.

Top Chef Colorado Spoilers - Episode 12 Recap
Featured image credit: Paul TrantowBravo

Elimination Challenge

The chefs got into some BMWs and had no clue where they were going. They arrived at an observatory and inside was their family members. The family members cooked them a meal, as it was some of their family traditions. After sharing stories with everyone, Padma finally gave details of the next challenge. For the challenge, the chefs had to create an innovative dish using their family member’s dish as inspiration. For winning the Quickfire, Joe got an extra 30 minutes to prep.


After the chefs met with their family members and went shopping for ingredients, it was time to relax for the night. Then the next day came and the prep was done. The judges arrived and it was time to taste the dishes on Top Chef Season 15.

  • Joe – Graham said Joe completely captured the spirit of the challenge. Tom said it is a modern version, but it did not lose its soul.
  • Carrie – They loved it. They liked the touch of egg on the top. Graham said stroganoff was near and dear to his heart and he had not seen it done this way before.
  • Adrienne – Tom said it was so well-seasoned and it had a ton of flavor. Graham said it was great seeing Adrienne evolve so much in this competition.
  • Joseph – They said he captured the essence of that meatball from yesterday. Tom said it took so much work, but it did not show in the dish.
Top Chef Colorado Spoilers - Episode 12 Recap
Featured image credit: Paul TrantowBravo

Judges’ Table

The chefs returned in front of the judges. Tom Colicchio said they did a great job tonight and their family members were really proud of them. The winning chef tonight was Adrienne, which was her first win in an Elimination Challenge on Top Chef: Colorado. The judges said there were no bottom dishes tonight, as all of the dishes were great. However, someone still had to go home. The judges decided to send Carrie home tonight.

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