Pippa Middleton Supports Brother James’ Donna Air Breakup After Reuniting With Ex-Boyfriend

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Pippa Middleton has been enjoying her quiet life after her wedding to James Matthews. Before she got married, she lived a public life, walking the red carpet, competing in elite endurance races and dating many eligible men in British high society. Now, she is hardly seen in public, only when she is on her bike running errands. But it looks like her brother, James Middleton, has edged her out of hiding with his broken heart.

James Middleton is the only unmarried in his family. His older sisters, Kate Middleton, made news when she married Prince William, and last year, Pippa also found her match to a financier, who was one of her ex-boyfriends. For years, James has been in a relationship with Donna Air and the public has been wondering if they will overcome their age gap and the fact that she has a daughter to find happiness.

However, it looks like the match was not a good fit for the actress. Donna Air stepped out with Ben Carrington, who is known as “a Chelsea playboy” according to Daily Mail. Her choice of a new boyfriend has piqued the interest of the followers of the Middletons considering his closeness to Pippa’s in-laws.

“Intriguingly, Carrington is a close friend of former Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews, whose brother, James, is married to Middleton’s sister Pippa,” reports Daily Mail.

Considering that James and Donna have dated on and off for five years, the end of their relationship meant that he needed to blow off some steam on the ski slopes. His sister, Pippa Middleton, with whom he frequently participated in athletic competitions joined him.

“[W]hile Kate may not be able to offer him a shoulder to cry on it seems that his older sister Pippa is on hand to raise James’ spirits,” reported Daily Mail. “Pippa, 34, and James, 30, were pictured taking to the slopes in Switzerland on Wednesday.”

The 30-year-old is the founder of a marshmallow business called Boomf. It prided in the fact that it prints photographs from Instagram on rectangular marshmallows for gatherings, celebrations, and parties. However, over the years, Boomf has only lost money, clocking a loss of £2.2 million in 2016-2017, according to Mirror UK.

After getting used to the public’s eye on the slopes of Alps, Pippa Middleton decided to give her fans a little more to think about with another outing. This time, she was seen out and about with her ex-boyfriend.

“The younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted strolling through Chelsea this morning with her long-term pal and ex-boyfriend Tom Kingston, who is now dating Gabriella Windsor,” reported Daily Mail.

Knowing that Pippa and Tom are now both happily in relationships, it did not cause as much drama as it would have in the early 2010s.